Thursday, May 25, 2023

What to Do When Your AC Fails

The last thing you want during a heat wave is for your air conditioning to give up on you. While regular maintenance is always recommended, sometimes AC problems arise unexpectedly. Having a number handy for emergency AC repair Arlington MA lets you respond immediately, but sometimes homeowners can inspect and fix airflow issues on their own.

Check Your Vents

If the AC isn’t cooling your home enough, your first instinct should be to make sure no vents are blocked by rugs, drapes or furniture. Check every room, including unused ones, because any closed vents can interrupt circulation through the house.

Look for Clogged Filters

Dirt, dust and pet hair naturally build up over time in your air vents’ filters—that’s what they’re for, to protect the AC unit and keep your air breathable. However, excessive dirt prevents air from passing through. Make a habit of regularly checking air filters and replacing any that have become dirty, usually every 60-90 days depending on how often you use the AC, whether you have pets or allergies, etc.

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

When the outdoor unit itself isn’t running, start by checking the thermostat to ensure it’s on and properly set. Next, inspect the circuit breakers to see if you need to reset the line for the AC. If this isn’t the case, the fan could be stuck because of dirt or rust; depending on how much there is, you may be able to wash it away yourself. Water leaks can indicate dirty filters, which you can handle, or a faulty condensate pan, which could be more difficult.

If you’ve run through your checklist and haven’t identified the problem, or if you run into an issue that you know is too advanced or possibly dangerous to DIY, that’s your cue to call a technician.