Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024

How To Help Someone With Depression

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, major depressive disorder is the number one reason for disability among people ages 15 and 44. Also, roughly 16 million people struggle with the illness. If you suspect someone you know has depression, you may be able to help. This person isn’t alone, and there are ways to make things better. Along with working with professions for treatment for depression Kent County RI, you can offer the following forms of support.

  1. Listen and Encourage

Remember that this mental state isn’t fleeting, and the person cannot control every feeling. Be open to sitting down and talking through how your friend or family member sees the world. Don’t judge, and remain aware of the sensitive nature of his or her emotions. Be an outlet for communication, and offer positive encouragement to see things in a better light.

Point out the good. What do you see that went well? What do you love about this person? In depression, people see flaws too often, neglecting the positives.

  1. Plan Activities Together

Sitting alone and doing little permits the brain to wonder. In this state, the depressed mind fixates on the wrong or sadness. Rather, be an active friend. Run together, or pick up a new hobby. Try to do something engaging and enjoyable. That’s good for you and the person suffering,

  1. Assist in Therapy Attendance

While you shouldn’t sit in on the sessions, you may offer transportation. This gesture is a kind way of helping the person remain committed and have a support system even during a trying day.

  1. Learn About the Illness

It’s hard to understand something that you haven’t experienced, but research may shed light on certain behaviors and reactions.

Depression is a common illness and a serious one. A supportive friend could be essential to recovering. Try to understand the condition and be there during the hard times.