Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Three Ways to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

There are many steps to keeping your home safe and protected. When it comes to maintaining your property, don’t neglect the area of pest prevention and control. Following these simple tips can help keep your home pest-free all year long.

Have a Pro Inspect and Protect Your Home

Talk with an exterminator Staten Island NY and schedule an inspection. They can search your home for signs of infestation and entry points for common pests in your area. Be sure to ask about preventative services they offer to help ward off potential intruders.

Clean Your Floors on a Regular Basis

Most of the time, insects and small rodents make their way into your home in search of a food or water source. It only takes a crumb to bring them back to stay. Make a habit of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping on a regular basis, especially in your dining room and kitchen. Keeping a cordless hand vacuum nearby can make it easy to clean up messes as they happen. Families with children and pets may need to clean the floors of common areas on a daily basis since kids and furry friends can track crumbs everywhere.

Keep Pet Food in Tight Storage Containers

Plenty of pests love pet food and its strong odor can lure animals and insects straight to the source. Be sure to keep dry pet food stored in a bin with a locking lid. Try to put your pet on a feeding schedule. Leaving out a bowl full of food all day long can attract mice and ants, along with other creatures. If your dog enjoys treats that are messy or take some time to chew, consider saving those treats for outdoor settings and stick with one-bite treats indoors.

For a home that’s happy and healthy, do your part to keep unwanted pests at bay. If you do suspect an infestation, be sure to contact an exterminator right away to prevent further complications.