Sunday, Jun 4, 2023

Changes Continue for Online Entertainment

As our lives shift ever increasingly to rely more on different digital platforms, online entertainment looks to continue to thrive and be an inevitable part of change – as it starts to have a bigger impact on markets that were traditionally based offline too, there’s further opportunity for online entertainment to succeed in new and exciting ways – but what are the bigger and more impactful changes that could come to online entertainment moving forward?

Major sporting could become more digital – We’ve seen the huge rise and successes of esports, as more familiarity enters the markets through growing game options in the likes of FIFA and the NBA, with direct support for the big organisations and franchises, esports is leading the way for traditional sporting to follow – so much so that other markets such as esports betting at has become a popular feature moving into the biggest operators offerings too. With broadcasting deals set to expire over the next few years, fans could see traditional sporting moving to a primarily online streamed delivery method and moving away from what has typically been a TV broadcast event.

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Major box office could be changing too – The last few years have also seen some of the biggest movie releases in history breaking box office records as numbers for cinema viewers had been increasing – although film had been successful, the institutions were struggling as many were unable to turn a profit from ticket sales alone and instead would rely on concessions – but with the closure of many temporarily, one big studio announced that throughout 2021 all major releases would be found in both cinema and through online streaming, signalling the first major change for the movie industry. If one studio can be successful, many others will likely follow, and if cinema as a whole is unable to re-open in the short term, many brick and mortar locations may not open again.

Mobile continues to lead the way – With all the major changes coming to online entertainment as a whole, it’s no surprise that the platform that had helped facilitate the change in mobile will continue to be the primary platform for consuming this content. Throughout the past year, mobile has certainly become one of the primary markets for the bigger streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime, and mobile devices will continue to grow in this regard too. 

As the year progresses, more change may be seen as businesses look to recover from the pandemic period or are forced to close as options in recovery can’t be found, but the next few months will be telling in how this change will occur.