Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023

Three Ways To Upgrade Your Yard

Many homeowners look to make improvements that add value to their houses by offering a high return on investment. Often these upgrades are to the exterior or interior of the home structure. It’s important to remember that your front and back yards also impact not only the value of your house but the quality of living also. Consider investing in upgrading your yards for improved curb appeal and a higher level of comfort and enjoyment.

Adding a Deck

A wood deck is a great investment for your backyard. It adds usable living space that can accommodate several outdoor activities, including entertaining, cooking and relaxing in the sun. A deck is a great feature that appeals to owners and buyers that love spending time outdoors. A 16’ x 20’ wood deck that includes stairs and railings may average about $13,000, but the return on investment is almost 76 percent at $10,000.

Watering Your Lawns

Hooking up a hose to a sprinkler and figuring out the best time of the day to water your yard is not only inconvenient but old-fashioned as well. Having a beautiful lawn is often the pride of a homeowner and a sprinkler system plays a big role in maintenance. The average system costs about $3,500 and has an ROI of 86 percent. Water is essential to keeping your grass green as well as the plants in your garden. Consult a provider of professional irrigation St Louis to see what options are available.

Installing a Pool

There’s some debate as to whether pool installation is worth the cost of investment. At the very least, a nice pool or water feature makes your yard a fun place to be, especially during the warm summer months. While a pool itself may or may not yield a high ROI, adding a pool may bring your home’s value in alignment with surrounding properties, especially if they have pools.

Home improvements shouldn’t be limited to the actual house structure. Your yards also factor into property value. A little money can go a long way as far as outdoor upgrades go.