Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Top Reasons To Rent a Storage Unit

If you think that storage units are only for people that can’t bear to part with excess junk, you’re falling prey to a common misconception. In fact, there are countless reasons why people need extra room. Here are some of the top ways you could take advantage of a storage unit yourself.

Creates More Room at Home

One of the most popular reasons for renting storage units Sonoma CA is to create more room at home. You don’t have to own an abundance of “stuff” to want more space, but if your home is small it’ll be a welcome change. Storage gives you the breathing room you need until you have larger accommodations.

Serves As a Base When Moving

The logistics of moving to a new home can be complicated, especially if you have to be out of your old home before the new one is ready. Self-storage gives you a base for your belongings while you transition from one home to another. It also holds your things if you stage your home when selling.

Houses Seasonal Equipment

Another popular reason to secure a storage unit is to have a place to stash seasonal equipment. This could be skis, camping supplies, an antique car or a small watercraft. Many people also use storage units to hold their holiday decorations and lawn ornaments if they don’t have room at home.

Protects Belongings During Renovation

If you’re renovating or building an addition, you’ll need a place to store your things. Self-storage can hold furniture, artwork, lamps and anything else you don’t want to get ruined. It also allows you the space you need at home without filling other rooms with these items.

If you never thought you’d use self-storage, you might be surprised. From creating extra space to protecting seasonal goods, self-storage is the smart way to go.