Friday, Apr 19, 2024

How To Be a Safe Driver

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting time and a big responsibility. You might be pumped to go for a ride and crank the music up, but your number one concern should always be safety. Knowing some potential dangers can be a big help in staying safe on the road. Here are some ways you can drive smarter and safer.

Stay Off Your Phone

It is estimated that approximately 1.6 million crashes every year are caused by drivers on their phones. If you use your phone to guide you where to go, install a hands-free phone holder. You can get one that suctions to your dashboard or windshield, and there are even versions that clip to your air vents.

If you get a text or phone call while driving, ignore it. Nothing anyone has to say is as important as your life and the lives of those around you. If you absolutely must take a call, immediately pull over to a safe spot and then answer the phone.

Look at Road Signs

Not paying attention to changes in traffic patterns could cause an accident. As many as 87,000 car accidents happen each year in construction zones because drivers aren’t paying attention. If the signs say to slow down or watch for an abrupt edge, then be mindful of those things. Construction zones have those signs to keep you safe.

Additionally, knowing where you’re going could prevent accidents. Read road signs Washington and get into the right lane if you know that your exit or turn is coming up. Knowing what’s coming up prevents you from stopping abruptly in traffic or doing an unsafe u-turn to get to where you need to be.

Use Your Blinkers

If you don’t use your blinkers, you aren’t letting those around you know what you’re doing. Not signaling can cause a car to run into the back of you because the driver didn’t know you were turning, or someone could change lanes at the same time as you, causing an accident. This is easily avoidable by turning on your blinkers before you take action.