Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

It is impossible to downplay the value of engaging experts to install electric vehicle chargers. These professionals contribute knowledge, effectiveness, and dependability to your project, which are essential for its efficiency and safety. It takes more effort than simply plugging an electric car into a conventional outlet to charge one. Even though it could be expensive initially, it will be beneficial in the long run.

Compliance And Expertise

Experienced EV installers will ensure that your installation complies with national regulations. A certified electrician will be able to provide you with a copy of the charger’s compliance certificate. You’ll also get expert insights and advice on how to use the charging stations. Some companies who are experts in electric vehicle charger installation New Milford, NJ, also offer a pre-installation consultation. This way, they can ensure that your installation is safe and meets regulations.


In addition to the safety of a vehicle, an EV charger installation requires knowledge of home electrical systems. Without the proper knowledge of electrical systems, an EV charger can be dangerous, exposing anyone nearby to electricity. Incorrectly installed chargers can also cause a fire and electric shock. Hiring a professional is the safest way to ensure the safety of your electric vehicle charger installation. 

A professional will have the knowledge and training to install your charger correctly. In addition, hiring a professional ensures your EV charger installation is safe and provides peace of mind that your new charging system will function properly. 


When hiring a professional for electric vehicle charger installation, costs vary greatly depending on the location. If the charging station is indoors, it may be as little as $150 or as expensive as $2000. However, if the charging station is outdoors, the electrician must dig up the grass and run underground wiring. Then, he will have to install the 240-volt circuit and 50-amp outlet.

The electrical infrastructure in your home will determine how difficult the installation will be. If the property has an older electrical panel, for example, installing a charging station will require more than 100 feet of conduit and an electrical panel upgrade. Therefore, asking a professional to give you a price estimate before purchasing your equipment is important. If you plan to do this, expect to pay at least $500 for installation.

Circuit breaker installation

If you’re planning to install a circuit breaker for an electric vehicle charger, it’s essential to determine how many amps you have available in your home. To find this information, look at your electrical panel. You may need to upgrade your electrical service if the panel is already full. Alternatively, you can connect the charger outside with a conduit. Regardless of your location, there are a few steps you need to take to install the circuit breaker for your EV charger.