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Rangam fame Jeeva back with a unique conceptual love GYPSY in AHA OTT


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Brilliant director Raju Murugan has bought a bold, relevant aristocratic message oriented film, with Jeeva’s very good makeover as Hippie.


Genre: Drama

Duration :140mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online:aha video

Production values: Elevated

Background music: Extra ordinary

Cinematography: Simply superb


The story starts with the Gypsy(Jeeva) parents murdered in terrorist conflicts. A nomad who witnessed the destroy achieved Gypsy. Horse was used as their means of travelling on a daily basis, Gypsy has learned playing guitar, making horse shows from the nomad who called as a senior.

Gypsy impressed many people of different locations and was also very helpful with kindness and smartness. One day senior expresses about the things he missed to do and tells Gypsy to find someone special and have a companion in life who stays life long with love. The next day the senior passes on, Gypsy with his horse(Chai) gets back to his normal life and starts his job.

Unexpedly he falls forWaheeda (Natasha Singh), a girl who grows in a house where she has huge restrictions. Even Waheeda likes Gypsy. What all the consequences did gypsy and waheeda have faced? How did they overcome the situations?


  • Jeeva with his amazing transformation has added essence to the movie. He really nailed as nomed.
  • Natasha with her adorable expressions showcased her talent very neatly.
  • Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne subsidized their good supporting roles.
  • Gypsy conveys a strong content with unique and innovative attempts by Raju Murugan.
  • Lead pair Jiiva and Natasha singh have performance is the major asset of the movie
  • Cinematography and locations are of the movie are major asset to film done by Selvakumar S. K and Raymond Derrick Crasta’s
  • Beautiful lyrics with great tune music by Santosh Narayanan and Susheela Raman are spectacular.
  • Susheela Raman, a singer performed a supporting role for jeeva.

Cast and crew

Director– Raju Murugan

Producer– Ambeth Kumar

Actor– Jiiva

Actress– Natasha Singh

Other characters– Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne

Music director-Santhosh Narayanan, Susheela Raman

Release date– 6 March 2020.

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Gypsy is a thought provoking film. Every shot has a hidden meaning behind it. There is no wastage of cast or something called as an extra scene.

This film cannot be put under one genre, it has got mixed factors like love, betrayal, politics, humanity, inhuman nature, and so on.

Every factor contributes its level best to entertain and to make us think and rethink. Jeeva has once again proven himself a versatile actor.

Intermission shot was something which  can never be forgotten and can never move away from anyone’s eyes. On the whole, a must watch thought provoking film. Kudos to the entire team of gypsy.


Don’t miss the unique conceptual film Gypsy,which is a romantic drama and message oriented brilliant flick attempted by Raju Murugan in AHA OTT.

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