Sunday, Jun 4, 2023

How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

If you are like many people, you have been spending more time in your house lately. Unfortunately, that can mean making more messes. Perhaps you could use a cleaning service but do not want the expense or intrusion that does with it. No worries; with just a little effort you can make your home sparkle. All you need is a few hours and the following tips.

Use the Right Rags

Use the gentlest cloth you can for each job, so you do not risk scratching soft surfaces. When you need to absorb liquid, janitorial cleaning rags will be your best bet. They come in various types, from looped terry cloth to low-lint woven fabric. Dampen the rags slightly for dusting. For grease and biohazards, wipe off the bulk of the mess with disposable paper towels.

Choose Effective Cleaners

You do not need to spend a fortune on a dozen specialty cleaners. A few basics are all you need. You can make natural, eco-friendly cleaners with pantry staples such as vinegar, baking soda, lemons and salt. Keep a bleach solution on hand for disinfecting counters and sanitizing bathrooms (if you also use ammonia, never mix it with bleach). Cleansing powders may be necessary to get stains off tub and shower floors, but be careful not to use them where they may leave scratch marks.

Let the Tools Do the Work

If you clean things in the right order, cleaning becomes quicker and easier. First, put the machines to work. Load the washer and dishwasher first. You may need to alternate starting times to allow for optimum water use, but at least those dishes and clothes will be out of your way. Then spray cleaners as appropriate, including bathtubs, toilet bowls and carpet stains. Let cleaners work while you dust and vacuum.

Clean From Top to Bottom

Dust ceiling fans and clear cobwebs from corners with an extendable duster; next, use the same tool to clean wall art. In living rooms and bedrooms, dust shelves, books, knick-knacks and light fixtures. In bathrooms, clean mirrors, wipe down counters, scrub toilets and tubs, then clean out sinks and polish fixtures. In the kitchen, clean appliances and wipe down counters; again, follow with sinks and fixtures. Clean the floors last.

Add Finishing Touches

Empty garbage cans in every room. Make the beds, if they are not made already. Fluff and neaten throw pillows and blankets. Wipe television and computer screens thoroughly with lint-free microfiber cloths. If you like scented spaces, light candles or activate diffusers. Investing just a few hours each week can help keep your house clean and you happy.