Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023

The Uses of Junk Cars

Most people who scrap a car won’t give too much thought to what happened to their car. In fact, scrapped cars tend to be useful in many ways, some of them rather creative. Most junk cars still contain many usable parts, and all contain valuable metals. Those metals find new uses in other products, while other cars provide major systems to custom cars.

Reusing Parts

The first and most common use for that old car is for parts. Most cars have some useful mechanical parts of body parts when they come to the scrapyard. Many used body parts, plus mechanical parts, interior pieces, and windows can be scavenged and reused. Some car owners like these cheaper used parts, while owners of old and rare cars often rely on junk cars because there are no new parts to buy. Most scrap cars Morris County NJ will end up being completely recycled too.

Recycling Metals

The average car contains over a thousand pounds of steel and other metals. Catalytic converters have valuable metals in them. Those metals can all be salvaged and reused in other products. Recycling may be step one if a car has burned or been totally destroyed by a crash. More often, recycling comes after the scrap yard or customers have taken everything that can be reused. An estimated 75% of a car can be recovered and recycled.

Building Custom Cars

Some “junk” cars that come in have major systems and parts that are still usable. Some of those cars end up at custom car shops being used in projects. These shops will use parts from one or more cars. plus some custom interior and bodywork to create something new. Some hobbyists scavenge junk cars to provide a drivetrain, chassis, and suspension parts to create a new car. Custom car shops may restore a valuable old car or create a customized “hot rod” or race car using components they get from a scrapyard.