Friday, Jun 21, 2024

Dual Wheel Shock Absorbing Casters

Having shock-absorbing capabilities on the wheels is essential for smooth movement and reduced noise. Dual wheel shock-absorbing casters are an excellent option for various applications and surfaces. They are perfect for uneven surfaces and floors that are sensitive to vibrations. They also reduce the impact of shocks on the cart.


Dual wheel shock-absorbing casters are a great choice when moving heavy objects. The springs in these casters reduce the noise level caused by the wheels swaying and protect delicate items. These casters have capacities of up to 25,000 pounds and fully independent suspension. Dual wheel casters are available at various prices, depending on their quality and the type of casters they are used for.

Dual wheel shock absorbing casters provide added strength, durability, and ease of rolling. They can be designed with one or two axles and are made of Poly-Soft or Duralast materials to reduce the impact of a falling object. These casters are perfect for moving large items, such as freezers and refrigerators, or for environments where vibration is a problem. Dual wheel shock absorbing casters reduce the stress on a single wheel by keeping both wheels flat on the ground. These casters are also suitable for uneven surfaces and floors susceptible to vibration.


Dual wheel shock absorbing casters are designed with spring-loaded bearings that prevent shocks and reduce noise when moving delicate cargo. These casters are ideal for many applications, including lift trucks and other equipment. They also reduce the risk of damaging or breaking sensitive equipment. The heavy-duty version is especially suited for heavy-duty applications, including garbage trucks, revolving signs, and parade floats.

The main difference between spring-loaded and non-shock-absorbing casters is the deflection of the springs. The higher the deflection of the springs, the more the impact of the shock will be delayed. Conversely, if the spring constant is too high, it will cause excessive vibration and amplify the surprise effect.

Choosing the right caster for your needs can take time and effort. Various materials are available for dual-wheel casters, and they come in different sizes and styles. Some are made of solid steel, while others are made from nylon or glass. Forged steel casters are typically more substantial and have higher load capacity. They are also resistant to abrasion and hard impacts. They also offer non-marking properties, making them ideal for freezers, tow-line equipment, and various other applications.


Dual wheel shock-absorbing casters are a great way to reduce wheel failure during heavy loads. They are ideal for many applications and come in different sizes to fit your needs. Some models feature optional features like chrome plating, floor truck locks, four-position swivel locks, thread guards, and wheel brakes. They are priced competitively and undergo rigorous quality control tests.

Dual wheel shock absorbing casters come in different sizes and models. Some of these casters are made to support 20,000 pounds of weight. Due to their spring-loaded design, they are designed to minimize noise and impact while moving a vehicle. They are also ideal for floors that are sensitive to vibrations. In addition, they are beneficial for handling sensitive cargo.

These casters are designed with high-strength chrome-vanadium springs. As a result, they can continuously compress the springs when the load is placed on them. Moreover, they produce silent empty returns, eliminating excessive shimmy and vibration. As a result, they are ideal for various applications, from jet engines to aircraft jacks. Some other applications include trash gondols, in-plant trailers, lift truck stabilizer casters, parade floats, and revolving signs.


Dual wheel shock-absorbing casters are a great way to protect your delicate cargo. They have many advantages, including a spring-loaded design that reduces noise. Not only can these casters protect fragile items, but they can also last longer. To get the best benefits from your casters, make sure you choose the suitable weight capacity for the weight you plan to transport. Also, ensure not to overload them, as this will decrease the shock-absorbing ability of the casters.

Dual wheel shock absorbing casters are available in many sizes and weight capacities. Their design allows them to withstand higher loads than regular casters. You can easily find the appropriate caster model to fit your specific needs if you are still deciding which type of casters to choose; access casters has many resources to help you choose the suitable model.

Dual wheel shock absorbing casters have two different mechanisms that absorb shock. The first is a spring-loaded caster, which absorbs shock when it strikes an object. As a result, it reduces the risk of damaging the cart by reducing the amount of impact on it. The other is a brake that applies pressure to the wheel hub. The spring-loaded casters are perfect for sensitive payloads and surfaces.