Thursday, May 25, 2023

4 Things To Do Before and After Your Laser Hair Removal Session

Laser hair removal is a very popular cosmetic procedure. If you are thinking about getting it done, know that there are certain things you can do before and after it. Look up gentlemax pro lasers New York NY for more information about laser hair removal services. Here is a list of four things you can do prior to and after a laser hair removal session.

  1. Shave the Area Several Hours Before 

Shave the area that you want to be worked on twenty-four hours before the session. Do not wax, thread, nor tweeze the area since those processes remove the hair from the skin, rendering a laser unable to target specific follicles. Also, refrain from using electric razors since they do no shave as closely as manual razors.

  1. Make Sure the Region Is Clean

Ascertain that the region you aim to remove hair from is clean. There should not be any creams, oils, or makeup on it. You can use soap and water to wash the area or wipe it down with a cleansing towelette.

  1. Avoid Exercising Immediately After

After you undergo laser hair removal, the body part you had the procedure done on will be very sensitive and tender. Avoid exercising right after a session. Excess sweat will lead to bacteria growth on the surface of that vulnerable region of your body.

  1. Switch Up Your Beauty Routine 

It is vital that you change certain aspects of your beauty regime a few days after a laser hair removal session. Avoid using manual exfoliants like apricot scrubs as well as chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid cleansers because they can irritate your skin after the procedure.

There a many benefits associated with laser hair removal. You will be able to reap many of those benefits by taking certain steps before and after the process.