Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

3 Things To Do When Writing a Will

When it comes to making difficult end-of-life decisions, a will is an important document to have in the event that you pass away or are otherwise no longer able to make arrangements for yourself. Here are three things to do when writing a probate of wills Fort Worth TX.

  1. Arrange for Guardianship (If You Have Minor Children)

Typically, the surviving parent will oversee guardianship of minor children if the other parent passes away. Something to consider, however, is arranging custody in case both parents die. If nothing in the will indicates who should take custody in this case, the state will choose on behalf of the deceased parents. It is in you and your children’s best interest to name at least one or two potential guardians who are willing and able to take custody should anything unfortunate happen.

  1. Divide Your Estate

Try to divide your estate in a way that is fair and in the best interests of all family and loved ones involved. For example, consider whether one adult child has been supportive of you during end-of-life care. Also note the ages and lifetime goals of children; a child pursuing college might benefit from a college fund, while another child might appreciate personal property. If you have anything in value that nobody in the family particularly desires, considering leaving it to a close friend or someone who has been a caretaker for your children.

  1. Consider Foreign Property

If you own any foreign property, it might be wise to consult a firm that can compose a foreign will. This is particularly important if those you are leaving behind know little about the laws of the country where you own property.

A thorough and updated will is an essential document and will greatly benefit your loved ones when it comes time to make decisions about guardianship and division of assets.