Friday, Sep 29, 2023

How You Can Have Fun With Clothing While Flattering Your Body Shape

While following style rules can help you find pieces that work with your body shape, it can also be frustrating. Fashion should be fun. When there are too many rules to follow, getting dressed in the morning can feel like work. With that said, people don’t want to wear clothing that fits them poorly. What’s the best way to resolve this problem? Differences are what makes life exciting? How can you select flattering clothing without wearing the same things as everyone around you? It may be interesting for you to see ‘how does shapewear work‘.

Stick to Guidelines, Not Rules

The rules for dressing for your shape can be helpful, but you shouldn’t treat them like unbreakable rules. Instead, you should look at them as general principles. If you’re pear-shaped, and you wear a tight-fitting top, you won’t be arrested by the fashion police. When you spend too much time focusing on the rules of what certain body shapes should wear, you can lose sight of your own taste and preferences. When you look at these rules as guidelines instead, you can pick out pieces you love that are also very flattering.

Apple Shape

A-line and empire waistlines define the tips. The torso can be elongated by attention-grabbing necklines.

Pear Shape

Prominent necklines can be a way to define the upper half of your body. Work to create balance on your body’s lower half. If you’re wearing a more fitted top, wear something wider to balance your body out.

Triangle Shape

A deep V or a wider neckline can be an effective way to balance your shoulders. Stick to skinny or straight cut trousers.

Rectangle Shape

Wear separates so that you can create a waistline. Add depth by wearing more layers.

Hourglass Shape

Wear clothing that shows off your waist. High-rise trousers, tailored clothing, and dressed that are cinched at the waist are all excellent options.

Create a Smoother Silhouette

Strict rules may be difficult to follow, but the broad guidelines listed above are easy to stick with. To make things even better, you can get more options by wearing shapewear. If you’re apple-shaped, you can hide your stomach by wearing shapewear that hides your stomach. This can give you a curvy silhouette and a smoother look overall. From control briefs to shaping shorts, there are all kinds of compressing garments that can help you to look better in your favourite clothes. This can give you more options and can help you to look and feel your best in everything that you wear.

Find New Versions of the Outfits You Love

If there’s a particular outfit you feel great in, try to identify the elements that make that outfit work for you. Use that to create different types of outfits. If you feel confident in bold floral prints, you should look at other types of patterns. If you like wearing a-line skirts, look at different styles of skirts with the same silhouette. If there’s a dramatic neckline that looks great on you, like a cowl neck, you should try other prominent necklines, such as scoop necks or v-necks. Instead of wearing the same things over and over, you can learn how to build lots of outfits you love.

Don’t Save Shapewear for Special Occasions

Shapewear can help you to look great when you have a big event, but you can also wear it on an everyday basis. There’s plenty of shapewear, like shaping bodysuits and briefs, that’s more than comfortable enough to wear every day. You should focus on finding shapewear that makes you feel like a better version of your usual self. If you have a range of options available to you, you’ll always have shapewear you can reach for. Shapewear is an incredible resource if you want to boost your confidence and experiment with different types of styles.

Experiment With Accessories

You don’t necessarily need new clothing to create a new look. You can transform outfits with accessories. Accessories can also make outfits more flattering. For example, scarves and necklaces can help to soften a dramatic neckline. If you like clingy dresses, but you’re a rectangle, you can define your waist by adding a belt. Instead of wearing things you don’t like because of your shape, use accessories to make your clothing work for you!