Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023

How To Shade a Sunny Patio

You love your sunny patio in the cooler months, but you might find it a bit toasty in the warmer ones. Thankfully, there are several ways you can add shade to your outside space. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Install a Shade Cover

There are various style and color options to choose from in shade covers today. Go for a rectangular shape or mix it up with a couple of triangles. Stick with a neutral color or go bold with a vivid red or blue. If you want to keep enjoying the sun in the wintertime, the perfect solution for you is to install a retractable patio shade that gives you the option to cover your patio only at those times you choose to do so.

Plant a Tree

If there is space in your yard, plant a fast-growing shade tree near your patio. Purchase a healthy tree that is already several years old to get the best results. Ensure it is planted far enough away so the roots won’t crack or break up your patio. Fertilize and water the tree regularly and trim the branches when needed. If you select a variety that sheds its leaves in the cooler months, you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun on cold days.

Add a Pergola

Pergolas are a popular way to add shade to a patio. They are fun to decorate as well. This simple structure consists of vertical posts that support roof beams. You can add flowering vines to trail up the posts and hang potted plants from the overhead beams. In the hotter months, attach a cover to the underside of the pergola to provide shade for your patio.

Installing a shade cover, planting a tree in your yard or adding a pergola will provide you with the shade you crave on your sunny patio.