Sunday, Jun 4, 2023

Get the most from mobile banking: Tips and tricks!

Mobile banking features have helped enhance the mobile user experience today. Most banks offer unique tools and features on a banking app to help the user have a personalized banking experience. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app is designed to have advanced features to assist you with easy banking. Its all mobile banking app can help anyone manage their finances effectively through integrated apps.

Here are some tips and tricks to get maximum benefits from the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app:

  • Open a zero balance account

Registering with the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app helps you open a zero-balance account and enjoy some benefits like the cashback offers, unlimited ATM withdrawals, free fund transfers, and higher POS limits. Customers can open a zero balance savings account on the banking app, and use the benefits of many integrated apps like a loan app, UPI app, and EMI app. A zero-balance account does not ask you to maintain any minimum balance. You can also avail interest for the amount you keep in your savings account.

  • Integrated banking app for credit cards

Get a lifetime free credit card through the mobile banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank for exciting benefits. You can get an interest-free loan for 48 days for any purchase and ATM withdrawals using a credit card. Some more rewards offered by credit cards are:

  • Interest-free cash withdrawal
  • 3x rewards
  • 6x rewards on online transactions
  • Reward points that never expire
  • 25-50% on movie tickets every month
  • Up to 20% discount for dining across 1500 restaurants
  • Cashback on EMI purchases
  • Insurance coverage
  • Purchase through cardless EMI app

You can also use the cardless EMI option offered by the bank. The ‘no-cost EMI’ option available on the app will not incur any interest on your consumer durables.

  • Get instant loans

You can apply for a consumer durable loan on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. The EMI loan calculator helps you choose a flexible EMI repayment option and tenure. The loans are available for 36 months with loan amounts ranging from INR 5,000 up to INR 5 lakhs. You can get instant approval in 2 minutes to purchase consumer durables through the IDFC FIRST Bank’s EMI app.

  • Manage all your accounts under one app

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app helps you to link all accounts of different banks on a single platform. This facility helps the customer to manage all accounts and transactions effectively. The app supports most banks and financial institutions and enables an easy transfer of money from one account to another account.

  • Invest and grow your money 

The online banking app allows the customer to invest in different equity or mutual funds such as mid-cap, small-cap, large-cap, thematic index, multi-cap equity funds, short-term, liquid, income and dynamic bond funds, and hybrid mutual funds through a systematic investment plan (SIP). They can also invest in stock trading through a 3-in-1 account of savings, trading and Demat account. This helps you to grow your money with expert advice.

  • Make quick payments through UPI

The mobile banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank is featured with UPI payment to do transactions and money payments instantly. You can pay bills, credit cards, and transfer money in a better way.

You can no longer be late in using the unique features of the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. The above tips help you get the most of the app.