Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023

What To Do When the Power Goes Out During a Storm

Due to global climate change,  severe weather events will become more frequent in all areas of the country.  When the power goes out during a storm, residents are often left feeling vulnerable and not knowing what to do. Not all damage can be avoided, but proper preparation can help you avoid some of the effects of a power outage. Here are things you can do to prepare for a storm.

Backup Power

One of the best ways to prepare for a storm is by having a backup power generator. Power companies work hard to repair power as quickly as possible, but power can be out for hours or days. If your home has a standby whole house generator or a portable generator, the important things like refrigeration and air conditioning or heat can remain functioning. Since this equipment is rarely used, sometimes regular maintenance is neglected. All generators need regular maintenance. If the unit needs repair or maintenance, contact an electrical company specializing in generator repairs philadelphia pa. The generator is only good if it works when you need it. If you are counting on a backup power system, make sure it is operating properly.


Most counties provide warnings of major storms. If you have been given a warning, fill several plastic jugs of water for drinking since the facets won’t work. If your home is not in danger of freezing, fill the bathtub full of water. It can be used for several things, and flushing the toilet is one of them.


Most cell phones have a flashlight but can only be used if you have the phone charged. You should have battery-operated flashlights available. Make sure the batteries are good.


Don’t open the refrigerator or freezer. Without power, your refrigerator will keep food cool for about 4 hours if not opened. Your freezer, if full, will keep food frozen for about 48 hours. If it is less than full, count on 24 hours. To cut down on opening the refrigerator, fill a cooler with ice and place the things you need in the cooler.


Have plenty of food items available that do not need refrigeration or cooking. If weather permits and you have an outside grill, use it for cooking and boiling water. Never use a grill indoors.

Power Surges

When the power returns, it can cause surges. Disconnect appliances and electronics to avoid damage.

Power outages and storms often go together. Before an adverse weather event occurs, think about how you will weather the storm and take the steps necessary to have some emergency solutions ready.