Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023

What Makes Armored Vehicles Reliable

Armored vehicles are a preferred method of transport for valuable items and currencies; they are renowned for their defensive capabilities and durability. Here are some cool facts about armored cars in case your business needs secure delivery of deposits.

Tires of Steel

Armored cars are designed to the peak of defensive ability. The dexterity of the car’s wheels are designed to remain mobile even if the tires are flattened. The plastic liner that sits between the rubber tires and metal wheels is meant to keep the car driving for miles after a leak. Also, the exterior of the wheel is plated with steel to deflect high-powered bullets.

They Carry Their Weight

These trucks move tons of currency, precious metals like gold and other heavy things. At full capacity, these trucks can weigh over 55,000 pounds. That comes out to about 27 tons. Given the importance of what they carry, they are built to hold as much as possible in order to deliver goods in a time-efficient manner.

They Service a Lot of Industries

Armored vehicles are the primary service for delivering currency between banks. Their windshields are reinforced and angled to resist bullet and projectile damage. Their safety mechanisms allow them to transport other valuables for businesses as well. Jewelry shops will likely employ armored services to transport the extremely valuable diamonds they sell to higher up clientele.

Armored trucks are as close to domestic tanks as you can get. Their purpose is to protect and drive through any risk or threat. Everything from their wheels to their windshield is designed to hold up under pressure and carry massive amounts of weight. They are the method of choice for banks all over the country who need to safely deliver currency. They even help businesses deliver important items so that they can continue to function. These trucks are part of the lifeblood of the economy.