Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

All You Need to Know About Upbringing the French Bulldogs

Also known as Frenchie, it is a very popular breed not only for its “bat ears” and “battered face”, but also for being excellent companion and playful dogs. When we want a puppy, regardless of breed, we research. So, if you are thinking of having a French bulldog see some things you should know:

Barks a lot

It is a dog that is always alert and sometimes barks more than you would like and can annoy neighbors.

Is brachycephalic

Or we can say it has a “dented snout”. You certainly noticed the dented face of this breed, but did you know that it brings special care? He may have problems with breathing due to his short snout and cannot do intense physical exercises.


This dog can be great for home or apartment, with children or adults. It’s just not to be in the yard, if he stays outside he will be unhappy because he likes company a lot and being around people.


It may even have a frightening face, but it is super sociable, they attract attention when walking the streets and are always ready to play with the first to pay attention.


If you are a light sleeper attention the Frenchie snores and snores a lot.

Not easy to carry

The average weight is 8 to 14 kg and can be a difficulty for those who live in a building that does not allow dogs walking on the floor in social areas, only on their laps.

Can be destructive

Choose sturdy toys, he has a greater need than other breeds to chew. Educate as a puppy about things he cannot destroy.


You will hardly obey commands, but stubbornness will not be a problem for living together.

Can’t swim

Not all dogs know “puppy swimming”, especially the French Bulldog. Don’t leave him near the pool alone.

Attached To the Owner

Are you out and about all day? If so, you will not be the best owner for that breed. They don’t like to be alone and they can get a lot done inside the house to take away boredom.

The Cheapest and Most Affordable Price Is Not Always the Best

Breeding Frenchie dog is an expensive and time-consuming hobby. Veterinary care, balanced feeding, and difficult reproduction which is done through artificial insemination, delivery is cesarean and the puppies are very sensitive at least those of lesser standard, investment in breeders and breeders of excellent lineage and participation in exhibitions increase the value of the puppy.