Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

3 Ways to Combat Depression Symptoms

If you’re dealing with depression, it’s important to reach out for help from a professional. Many studies have shown that cognitive behavior therapy San Jose CA can help people see reduced symptoms and a better life over time. In addition to the resources a therapist may provide, it’s important that you take good care of yourself. If you feel certain symptoms rising up, here are some simple ways you can combat them while practicing self-care.

Eat a Nutritious, Hearty Meal

When you’re depressed, it’s easy to either skip meals altogether, or only eat foods that require little to no effort. Unfortunately, this can make depression and anxiety worse, so make it a priority to eat a balanced diet and don’t go too long between meals and snacks. Sometimes, a hearty meal can do wonders for your mood, so indulge in a stick-to-your-ribs supper that also gives your body the nutrients it needs.

Take a Hot Shower or Bath

Persistent feelings of fatigue, disinterest and sadness can make it difficult to maintain proper hygiene. A nice hot shower can do wonders to boost your mood, as well as help you feel more refreshed. Studies have shown that there are numerous benefits to soaking in the bath at least twice a week. The process can help relieve pain and soreness, reduce stress and improve sleep, all of which can help ease depression symptoms as well.

Go for a Walk Outside

Exercise releases endorphins, giving your spirits an instant lift. Many have found that fresh air and sunshine can also help combat depression, so try to work out outdoors whenever you can. Just a half hour walk can help you feel better, so it’s a great place to start. You can also enjoy hiking, bike riding and outdoor group classes, such as yoga or Zumba.

Sometimes, small actions can have a large impact on your depression symptoms. Remember to care for your most basic needs first and you just might find that your mood will lift in the process. Above all, work together with a professional therapist for a complete treatment plan.