Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023

3 Ways Hydroexcavation Beats Traditional Excavation

Hydroexcavation is a method of clearing and preparing ground for a variety of projects such as building foundations, laying driveways or roads, and installing underground utilities. Excavating with water has several advantages over traditional machine excavation. This article covers three of the primary benefits of hydroexcavation.

  1. Easier Cold Weather Excavation

When the ground is frozen many traditional excavators will not even attempt to complete an excavation, thus limiting the time of year that building projects can be completed. Hydroexcavation was actually first used in Canada to excavate frozen ground using warm pressurized water. If your excavation project is needed during cold weather, you will definitely want to consider a professional hydroexcavator to get the job done. Local hydroexcavators can do full excavations Festus MO.

  1. Safer Excavation

Using high pressure water combined with a powerful vacuum to clean up debris underground utilities can be carefully exposed without causing them damage. Hydroexcavation is therefore less invasive than traditional excavation and aims to minimize property impact while completing a job with accuracy and precision. Unlike traditional excavation, no heavy machinery or explosives are used in hydroexcavation, which eliminates safety risks associated with those methods.

  1. Cheaper Excavation

Hydroexcavation is often faster and more precise than mechanical excavation. Quicker work and reduced risk of damage both result in less expense. Equipment needs are far less with hydroexcavation as well, therefore eliminating the expense of transporting and operating heavy machinery. Hydroexcavation can be completed by a minimal number of workers, which also reduces expense. While there is still expense involved in hydroexcavation, it is comparatively less than mechanical excavation, especially in situations where mechanical excavation is excessively risky or difficult to accomplish.

With increasingly complex underground infrastructure, hydroexcavation presents an excellent solution for building projects, especially in more populated areas. About 90% of excavations in Canada use hydro and it is expected to catch on in the United States as more people become aware of its benefits.