Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023

Which Is The Cheap And Tasty Chocolate Bouquet?

Chocolate is the name for the processed food or beverage from Theobroma cacao beans.  They are a food that is very popular with people, from children to adults. Its sweet taste and a little bit bitter are addictive for those who like it. They also have essential nutrients for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, most people are still afraid or worried when consuming it. Myths about them are still circulating today, such as making a face spotty, the body becomes fat, and making children hyperactive.

Not many people know that it has health benefits. They only know that if you eat large amounts of these sweet things, you will gain weight. By eating this, blood circulation will be smooth so that oxygen and nutrients can be distributed throughout the body. The increased metabolism is due to the increased energy production from this oxygen and nutrients. Epicatechin in cocoa makes arterial blood vessels elastic so that it can prevent high blood pressure. The Phenylethylamine component is known to improve one’s mood. Besides, magnesium also has a role in maintaining a stable mood balance.

When about to give a loved one a gift. Many people choose a bouquet arranged beautifully for their loved ones. However, apart from giving a bouquet as a present, these sweet things are also one of the gifts that you can choose to give to your loved ones as an anniversary gift or other romantic moment gifts. They are known to have a symbol of affection, deep love, sensuality, serenity, comfort, and passion. This is what makes them one of the important gifts that can be given to loved ones as an expression of love.

If you want to give someone you love these sweet bars, you can choose a cheap and tasty variation to make the following bouquet.

  • Beryl’s

Beryl’s is a popular brand in Malaysia. It has been known from Malaysia since 1995 so there is no doubt about its quality. The taste is commensurate with an americano, initially bitter but after a long time full of taste pleasures. Beryls are widely used as gifts. They are known for their delicious taste that doesn’t take away from the original, bitter taste. They are used to be made into a bouquet or a basketball paired with other snacks.

Although they have many variations such as dark, white, and fruit flavors. However, the famous variant is the gift of this sweet almond variant. This almond variant consists of 3 flavors such as original, white chocolate, and tiramisu.

  • Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is a product that was introduced in 1982, in Europe. The Ferrero Rocher is produced by a family business in Italy, the Ferrero Group. Michele Ferrero, the inventor of the Ferrero Rocher, named it after a cave in a Roman Catholic temple at Lourdes. Rocher comes from the French and means stone or rocks. Overall this consists of toasted hazelnuts wrapped in thin wafers, filled with hazelnut chocolate, and covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut chunks.

Each Ferrero Rocher bar has a pretty round shape. To achieve this perfect form, Pietro Ferrero spent about five years training and experimenting. The round shape is what makes the Ferrero rocher perfect for a bouquet.

  • Van Houten

Van Houten is a brand that has been around for 180 years, to be exact, since 1828. The inventor is Coenraad Van Houten. He pioneered a process to manufacture cocoa in Amsterdam, Holland. The result is a tastier, smoother cocoa powder that advances the hot chocolate beverage industry. So far they have released milk and dark chocolate variants with a variety of flavors. In their bars variant, there are original flavors, cookies, almonds, fruits, and nuts. Then, they also have baked almonds or raisins coated with dark or milk chocolate.

  • Cadbury

Cadbury is a food and beverage company that has its headquarters in London, England. Cadbury itself was founded more than a hundred years ago with the original name Cadbury’s. Dessert lovers must be familiar with this British producer – chocolate with a very distinctive purple package, which is sold at supermarkets. The purple color in this packaging has become a hallmark of Cadbury. If you want to buy it, you can immediately recognize it from a distance, just by looking at the purple package.

A very well-known variant of Cadbury is dairy milk. Cadbury is very soft and melts in the mouth when you start eating it. The softness and melting of its texture are due to Cadbury relying on a special condensed milk mixture in its recipe. Cadbury’s original secret recipe combines it with milk and selected quality ingredients to produce delicious bars with authenticity and perfection of taste. Dairy Milk contains more milk than other chocolates, which is one and a half glasses of milk per bar. Therefore Cadbury is softer than others.

  • Hershey’s

It is a food that many people around the world love. Even in the past, it was a luxury product for Swiss citizens. Hershey’s Kiss is certainly no stranger to your tongue. Hershey’s Kiss is one of the most famous products from the United States (US) in the world. This is produced by the Hershey Company, which changed its name to the Hershey Foods Corporation in 2005.

Valentine’s moments or birthdays are always the places to give gifts to dear friends or family members. A cute gift can encourage your best friend or loved one. Do not give gifts carelessly so as not to offend them. On this special day,  the gift of this sweet thing can be your choice as a representative of your love. Giving it as a gift is often used as a seduction to women. In ancient times in the Aztec era, it was a special potion from warriors as a gift. Their belief says it is a gift from heaven by the gods.

During a pandemic like this, many people don’t dare to leave the house. Therefore, many of them use e-commerce services to buy their needs such as cooking, clothes, cosmetics, etc. Likewise, to buy gifts for loved ones, a pandemic cannot prevent them from giving gifts. You can choose and buy a chocolate bouquet Singapore as a gift in e-commerce. Using gift delivery Singapore services will be easier for you to give gifts to your loved ones.