Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024


Having known the importance of what it is mean to have proper ventilation, either in our rooms or place of work, there are many devices that their operations have been posed towards ensuring that this proper ventilation is achievable in homes, offices, and even workspace. Such devices are evaporative cooler, water cooler fan, electric fans, swamp cooler, and even an air conditioning system, these devices work in several ways with the different principles of operation, however, everything is reaching towards one goal which is ensuring proper ventilation. An air conditioning system is aimed at a cold environment that ensures there is no heat that can lead to discomfort, however it works using electricity, while a water cooler fan is also aimed at ensuring the regulation of the level of heat in a particular location or confined space using the principle of evaporation, and many other devices like that to mention but a few.

Proper ventilation helps to get rid of moisture, smoke, cooking odour or any other unpleasant odours, and air pollutant from the house by itself on its own accord, A proper ventilation helps to control the level of heat in the house, and it is also good to have an airflow that is unhindered because whatever is targeted at hindering a proper flow of air in your home is not only posing danger to just your home even your health can suffer for this, without a proper ventilation system in place you might have no control of the airflow in the building. 

However, your home needs proper ventilation because it helps to remove and displace condensation which causes damages to the home. It is also helps to create a healthy living environment. Did you know that a damp and moldy environment can easily trigger asthma? And this is part of the reasons our homes must be designed in a way that ensures proper ventilation. It also helps to ease the symptoms of hay fever, it is also responsible for reducing the effect of naturally occurring Radon gas, also lessens the effect and impact of volatile organic compounds which are known to be invisible gases that can lead to many health problems in the home. These and many more will proper ventilation in the house help avoid, and true till today is the adage that says prevention is better than cure, and that is why many cooling devices have been designed to ensure proper ventilation, and of such as been mention earlier, the air conditioning system, a water cooler fan, a normal electric fan, as well as evaporative coolers.