Friday, Jun 21, 2024

Olympic Excitement

The lead up to the Olympics was an exciting time for everyone. Following the competitive air of the European Cup and Wimbledon, everyone is now looking forward to watching the world’s greatest athletes complete in Japan.

Regardless of what country you are from and who you support, we can all appreciate the brilliance and excellence that is brought onto the ground by each athlete. This event is a testament to their hard work and determination. These athletes have trained for many years in order to become the best in their sports and without taking into consideration any medals they might or might not win, getting to where they are in their sport is a huge achievement already.

You can also add to the exciting games by placing bets as some people do at casinos like here at Casino Gods. If like us you had been watching the lead on to the Olympics, then you will have a good idea about who will be the best bet for a gold, bronze or silver in many of the divisions. You can also play your own virtual games which will give you a chance to win some big jackpots.

This might makes as a consolation since many of us were disappointed when it was mentioned that there would not be any spectators allowed at this year’s games due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, the anticipation is still palpable and no doubt many people will be tuning in from across the globe. Some people will be watching it alone or with their families at home and others, whilst might be heading out to a bar to watch on a big screen with loads of other supporters around them.

Some of us are mainly looking forward to seeing some of the greatest runners as they compete in the various races from 100 metres to the long distance. The favourite for us remains as the hurdles due to the challenge and skill it must take for the runners to run as fast as they do whilst navigating over hurdles in methodical way that almost make it look easy for us spectators. For someone who once tried having a go at hurdles I can safely say it is not as east as they make it look!

There will also be the long jump athletes who appear to be jumping even further with each tournament. The tryouts gave us a taste of what to expect at the Olympics. The athletes could showcase their technique to ensure that they are in full form.