Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

How To Hold a Successful Staff Meeting

Employee staff meetings are an effective tool to bring everyone up-to-date with what’s happening at your company. It’s important for all departments to be on the same page and communicate with each other. If you’re implementing monthly or quarterly staff meetings, here’s how to hold a successful one.

Know Your Agenda

When setting a date for your meeting, make an agenda of all the things you want to talk about. This includes a welcoming of new employees, a summary of topics, allotted discussion time and a question and answer period. Writing up an agenda will prevent you from getting sidetracked or forgetting anything important.

Offer Fun Food

Serving food at your staff meeting makes it fun and motivates employees to attend. Try different dishes for each meeting depending on the time of day. Serve breakfast treats if it’s a morning meeting, or hire a sandwich caterer Hollywood FL for the middle of the day. Always offer water or coffee before getting down to business.

Invite Opinions and Suggestions

To have a successful meeting, you must invite employees to express their opinions and offer suggestions. Ask them to think about certain topics a few days before the meeting or have a spot where they can submit anonymous ideas or questions. Make sure you’re promoting a safe and welcoming environment where employees aren’t intimidated.

Have Something Positive To Discuss

Nobody wants to attend a meeting that’s drab and depressing. Even if there’s bad news to deliver, don’t make it the sole purpose of the meeting. Always mix in something positive, such as birthday celebrations, company milestones or other good news.

If you’re planning your next employee staff meeting, make sure you create one that’s engaging for everyone. By creating an agenda, ordering food and having a productive discussion, your employees will look forward to future meetings.