Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

Do Your Elderly Parents Require More Care? Ease the Role Reversal by Doing These 3 Things

Are your parents struggling to remain independent, but they want to stay on their own? Do you worry about their ability to remain at home? It’s complicated and awkward when that role reverses, with kids needing to take over some of the responsibilities for their parents. Your worry increases, and your parents may pull away, not wanting you to dominate. How do you find a balance, assisting them without becoming overbearing? Consider adopting the following strategies.

  1. Have an Open and Kind Discussion

While you may want to dictate what your parents need, that tack often leads to hurt feelings and frustration, only hindering the relationship. Instead, remember that you love your parents and only desire them to feel safe and supported. With that in mind, talk to them about your concerns. Then, allow them to provide you with some feedback on their emotions and what they are open to in terms of solutions. Whatever you do, don’t make decisions without their input. 

  1. Find Appropriate In-Home Help

If your parents don’t want to leave their house, consider looking for a reputable in-home care Missouri business. Sometimes this compromise works for both parties. You get someone inside who can assist with daily care and support; meanwhile, your parents can stay in their place longer.

  1. Invest in Supporting Materials and Infrastructures

Work with your parents to assess the home and determine what changes could make it more secure. Are they having trouble getting upstairs? Consider installing motorized lifts. Is the shower problematic? Put in handles for support. Furthermore, be upfront about worrying about emergencies, especially with falls. Ask if you can pay for a medical alert system to contact 911 for immediate assistance should one of them become injured or suffer a crisis.

While it’s tempting to make demands and take over, that approach could ruin your relationship and anger your parents. Be respectful about their wishes, and aid them in making their home safer for continued habitation.