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Digging Into The Uniqueness of Dusun Bambu Bandung

Dusun Bambu (Bamboo Village) presents its traffic to Sundanese civilization in a single incorporated place. It’s located at Cisarua, Bandung, at the foot of Mount Burangrang. Like its title, bamboo is selected as the significant element of character to signify this location. This can be motivated by angklung. The most favourite Sundanese traditional musical tool is also made out of bamboo.

Dusun Bambu is produced according to the Kawula Warga principle. To put it differently, actions at Dusun Bambu concentrate for people of all ages. From a kids playground to Target for adults, guests may select activities according to their tastes. Dusun Bambu thus has been significant to unite tradition and nature using a sustainable contemporary dwelling. Human-made constructions out of bamboo. The bedrooms to the park, sit nicely with the surrounding greenery. These structures nicely layout, they are complementing rather than intrusive.

Opening Hours and Ticket Fare

Dusun Bambu’s usable hours will be from 8 AM to 9 PM. The site opens daily including during the holiday and shuts late before 11 PM. Entry ticket is IDR 25,000 per visitor. For visitors coming with their vehicles, the parking cost is IDR 15,000 for automobiles and IDR 10,000 for motorcycles. This leisure park is also equipped with basic amenities. There are toilets, chairs for fractures, restaurants and gift stores. The parking lot is broader, but it’s a bit far from the entrance. Fortunately the management offers a shuttle service for all visitors. So they do not have to walk from the parking lot to the site. This shuttle car service is free.

What Is Inside Dusun Bambu?

There is something to do for everybody. But first, spend a while at Arimbi Park. The garden sets near the entrance. So it is difficult to miss when people just enter the region. Sit on the grass or stroll among the vibrant flowers. Just take pictures, and don’t pick any of those blossoms.

Across the playground, a bamboo playground is ready to invoke anyone’s inner child. There is a wonderland inside the garden using little construction replicas including a fairytale village. Hundreds of rabbits live in this wonderland. Impatient to become friends with customers. Everyone can play and also feed the rabbits.

It is quite a paradise for rabbit lovers. Kampung Ulin is where everything becomes serious. Choose a bow and shoot a few arrows at the ground. Rent a gun and then test the marksmanship by shooting the targets in the shooting ground.

  • Dusun Bambu Market Pasar Khatulistiwa

Discover some local products among the standard cart stalls at Dusun Bambu’s Pasar Khatulistiwa. The industry inside is exceptional, replicating a real Indonesian conventional industry. Just more cleaner and orderly. Visitors can discover local specialities at this marketplace, for example, Burangrang crafts and Cisarua agriculture products. Crave for a street snack? Purchase the famed Bandung dumpling bite ‘siomay’ at one of the food stalls.

  • Dusun Bambu Restaurant Unique Concept

Many people come to Dusun Bambu exclusively because of its intriguing restaurants. Cafe Burangrang is a two tales restaurant with a view. Choose a table at the veranda and appreciate the many options of the Indonesian menu. Cost starts from Rp25,000. For a more quiet atmosphere. Here guests will eat in a private pavilion resembling a birds nest. But the very authentic Sundanese dining experience is the sole at Purbasari Restaurant. First visitors will need to sail a small canoe to make it to the lakeside huts. There’s no chairs and tables in the cabins, so everyone must eat with the traditional style or ‘lesehan’. Order a full Sundanese set dish for lunch. And devour them using bare hands, also an Indonesian conventional way of eating.

  • Camping Ground Anda Resort

If an entire day isn’t sufficient to explore Dusun Bambu, there is somewhere to keep at night. The Grove Kampung Layung provides an unforgettable minute of staying at a Sundanese traditional village. But do not worry that the interior is lavish and contemporary while still maintaining its original charm. Here it is known as glamping or even glamorous swimming. Where guests rent a supplied tent with complete amenities, take a BBQ at night to earn the shadow more cheerful and enjoyable. In the early hours, run or bicycle one of the rice paddies that encircle the swimming ground. Staying a night in Dusun Bambu costs from IDR 1,600,000 each nighttime.

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