Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023

Classic Footwears that a Man Needs for his Wedding Day!


As the wedding bells and date get closer, there are suddenly a lot of things to do before the big day, from organising the perfect pre-wedding shoot to choosing the right wedding attire and even picking your footwear. We are sure your bride is all set to slay the wedding day with the best of items picked for her special day. But have you decided the colour of your sherwani and the juti for men that you’ll wear over it? Not yet? Then we have some really fantastic suggestions for the best footwear that you’ll need for your wedding day. So take a look and pick the ones that suit your style best. 

  • Studded slip-ons over your sherwani – If your wedding sherwani has a lot of glitz and glamour on it, then even your footwear should match the style. You can check for the wide range of studded and worked slip-ons which are comfortable to wear and add an oomph factor to your wedding dress. Pick the one in a darker shade of your attire that brings out the spark of the studs well and looks perfect over your sherwani.
  • Chelsea boots on your formal three-piece suit – If you are going for a blazer or the royal three-piece suit for your wedding, then the Chelsea boots in pure leather material should be your choice for the big day. These are subtle yet sophisticated, and if you pick them in a pure brown shade, then no matter what colour your suit is, these complement the attire perfectly fine.
  • Royal or formal juti for men – Jutis has been part of our country’s traditional groom’s wedding day attire for decades. Well, you can simply follow the tradition and pick the juti for men that suit your wedding dress the most. These can be in basic colours like black or brown and in leather material to suit your Indo-western dress or simply a bit more decorative and in velvet for your royal sherwanis. In both cases, Jutis are always an impressive addition to your appearance on your big day. 
  • Toe ring sandals for a smaller affair – For all the grooms who prefer a not-so-flashy wedding, the toe ring sandals make the perfect match to your basic kurta pyjama dress. These look impressive, giving you a confident walk while you enter the event with your bride and still maintaining the uniqueness of being part of a groom’s wedding day wardrobe collection. Opt for colours like black, brown or white to enhance your appearance in the most attractive way. 

Glamourous mojdis – How can we forget the ornamental and very fancy mojdis that can add a spark to any groom’s appearance? Well, you can pick the mojdi of your choice in vibrant shades of gold or red or even blue to match your dazzle of the wedding day and look simply royal slaying in them. These can be both comfortable and totally impressive to give you a remarkable presence on your special day.