Thursday, Mar 23, 2023

4 Majestic Lombok Waterfalls to Explore

Lombok is located in the southeastern part of Indonesia. It is an island among the tiny western Sundanese islands. The 5,435 km/square land area contains 3,167 million of population, based on a 2010 census with the Muslim as the majority.

In the days of the new Read more about best national parks in usa map Republic of Indonesia’s independence, a little Sundanese was one element of this state of the Republic of Indonesia. It includes Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores, Timor, Rote, and Sawu with the capital city being Singaraja (Bali). From all the islands, the typical land climate is different, especially in Bali and Lombok.

Geographically quite similar, the tropical climate is rather a great deal of rain on the slopes of the Agung Mountain woods in Bali. However, on the opposite, as the example in the north west shore of Lombok and Bali, the temperature is quite hot and rather stinging when the sunlight ranges between 32-34 levels cc.

So, when you are in Lombok and want to feel a little fresh, you can visit some of the waterfalls which offer the amazing tourist view, cold water, and fresh air. Here are the amazing waterfalls in Lombok that must be present in your itinerary:

  1. Torean’s Hidden Treasure: Penimbungan Waterfall Viewpoint

If you plan to trek Rinjani, you’re going to include Penimbungan Waterfall Viewpoint for your itinerary. Although the summit of Rinjani at dawn is your best objective for your hike, the scenery of this Penimbungan Waterfall in the Torean entry almost competes with Rinjani’s attractiveness.

The walkway from Torean is the road less traveled because it could be compared to entrances at Sembalun and Senaru on up the road to Rinjani. And do not mention Penimbungan Waterfall. Few tourists know more about the Torean entrance.

Following a two-hour trek in the Torean entry, you are going to see the view from 75-meter-high on the northwest waterfall. And because you have your eyes on the dash of cascading waters as well as the surrounding perspective, you will feel as if you have gone right back.

You may imagine a dinosaur walking through the jungle underneath you!

  1. A Sculpture of Nature Art — Mangku Sakti Waterfall

A natural artwork sculpture from Antoni Gaudí collection — that the gorge formation is striking. The natural erosion has carved a marble-like canyon the water flows gently through. The river runs from Lake Segara Anak (Mt Rinjani), and also the water is milky due to the sulfur content and is considered to be able to take care of unique sorts of skin diseases.

  1. Stunning Water Drape — Benang Kelambu Waterfall

Composed of 6 ‘drops’ through the trees, very similar to water drapes, that is how Benang Kelambu waterfall got its title. It’s readily accessible from the carpark but nicely concealed in the rice fields. This Lombok waterfall is situated at the bottom of Mount Rinjani, which means it’s possible to get up close and personal by moving from the water. It is a 500 m inland walk into the waterfall, so make sure you bring water and some snacks along with you. It’s possible to go to its double waterfall, Benang Stokel, that is 1 km away.

  1. The Sea Waterfall — Nambung Beach

You will get the perfect picture from this waterfall when you’re actually under the valley, so be ready to walk through the big waves with waterproof bags. You need to bring your surfing gear to ride the waves, and the crystal clear water also makes it beautiful to float. However, keep in mind that you will not find bathroom amenities rentals available at Nambung shore.

Before you plan a trip to Lombok, be sure to read more about Lombok and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.