Thursday, Jun 1, 2023

3 Ways to Save Big on Energy

You want your home to be comfortable. You also want to save money. If your heating and cooling systems are old and outdated, try getting an estimate for ac installation in Walnut Creek CA. You could save hundreds of dollars a year by upgrading. In addition to checking out a new equipment setup, try these simple tips to keep more money in your pocket.

  1. Install Curtains

Window coverings can help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Try light-blocking varieties in the bedroom so your sleep won’t be disturbed. Not only are curtains functional, changing them out from time to time can really modernize a room. Look online or in magazines for today’s top trends. This is an easy way to get creative in your living space.

  1. Try Timers

How many times have you or a family member forgotten to turn off a lamp at the end of the day? All of those are missed opportunities to save some dollars! Pick up a few inexpensive light timers at your local home improvement store. In addition to saving money and energy, these also have the added benefit of security. You can make it look like someone is home even when you are away.

  1. Put in a Programmable

Install a thermostat that lets you program the temperature for specific days and times. This way, you can set it appropriately for the periods when you are at work or school and change it for when you are in bed, too. There are even units that you can control with your smartphone, so it’s virtually effortless to make a good choice for your wallet and the environment.

Don’t wait to start saving. Think of all the other fun things you can put that money towards. It only takes a little effort to cash in on a big reward!