Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Why do naughty couples prefer rubber butt plug?

Stuffing just anything inside your rectum can lead to a medical emergency, as stuff can get lost there. But what can you do if you enjoy anal stimulation while masturbating? Well, there are many better alternatives you should consider, such as rubber butt plugs.

rubber butt plug is designed in a way that you can safely shove it up your anus without having to worry whether you’ll go in too far. But plugs come with a flared base of some kind, which prevents them from getting lost inside the big black hole.

Why do people use butt plugs?

There are many ways that butt plugs can enhance your sensations during masturbation and intercourse. A lot of people enjoy anal pleasures, but many of them are not a fan of full-on penetration. Well, there is the middle ground between no penetration and some penetration, and it all comes down to using butt plugs! Rubber butt plugs can help stimulate the prostate, but they can be used by any gender. As long as you enjoy butt stimulations, you are going to love using a rubber butt plug.

Butt plugs can help you warm up for sex!

If you’ve always had a thing for anal penetration but never knew how to properly prepare, butt plugs are the way to go. Rubber butt plugs are the perfect choice for beginners who do not have much experience with anal penetration. Start by lubing up your ass and the rubber butt plug, and then slowly insert it inside. Leave it in as you use other methods to please yourself.

Once you get used to it, do not hesitate to go for bigger butt plugs. This way, your anus will gradually become used to penetrative stimulation, and you will be able to enjoy anal sex to the fullest. Although rubber butt plugs are great for beginners, they are also suitable for experienced ass lovers who just enjoy the soft and warm side of plugs.

Lube is important

No matter what kind of ass play you are planning on having, it is very important that you use enough lubricant. In fact, you can never go overboard with lube when it comes to anal sex, so do not hesitate to use as much lube as you want. Always start slow, opt for smaller butt plugs, and gradually increase the size if you are a beginner!