Monday, Jun 5, 2023

What are pre-rolls and where to buy them?

My most recent check-in to a dispensary near me allowed me to really appreciate the impact of the decriminalization of recreational and legalization of medical marijuana. The pre-roll offerings were insane. Pre-rolls in the most simplest of explanations are a combination of a wrapper, cannabis and a filter. For the longest time, cannabis producers gave pre-rolls a bad reputation for being the rawest deal that you could ever get in a dispensary. To ensure that the producers made the most out of their produce, the pre-rolls were usually filled with trims. Trims don’t have as many trichomes as buds and this resulted in not a very fulfilling smoking experience. Pre-rolls then became infamous for that.

For a prolonged period, the more seasoned cannabis users chose not to indulge in the apparent convenience that a pre-roll was said to offer, but instead preferred to make joints by themselves because then they would be certain of the quality of the cannabis. As a newbie, this was not a luxury that you had because you hadn’t the slightest clue where to begin. The new legislation introduced competition into the scene, and this led to a change in the status quo. Now you can find some really high quality pre-rolls and completely avoid the whole hustle of having to have a set out station where you have to roll it up by yourself. Now that we’ve determined that this product is worth our time let’s explore its ins and out and really get into the heart of it.


As earlier mentioned it is like a rolled up parcel of cannabis that you can conveniently purchase from a dispensary ready for your indulgence. The length can vary from being as short as the pinkie finger to that of a handheld phone. It has a fat end which is the part that is usually lit up, it tapers as you approach the filter that is conveniently located at the point where you mouth meets the pre-roll to prevent your lips from getting discolored. You could purchase it as an individual tube or you could find it in a pack.

To find out how much cannabis could be contained in a pre-roll you simply check the size of the cone. Generally, it is known to hold anything between 0.75 grams to 1.5 grams but there are extents that it can hold up to 71 grams of cannabis. The size of a cone is usually measured in millimeters and the largest known size is known to reach up to 600 millimeters while the smallest one can be as tiny as 83 millimeters. The discrepancy in the sizes showcase the nature of a pre-roll, in its ability to bring cannabis enthusiasts together to share and catch up over a perfect pre-roll.

Like a lot of natural substances, a pre-roll also has a shelf life, the cannabis within it tends to lose its potency over a given period of time but proper storage is able to extend its shelf-life. It is recommended that it be stored in an airtight container to protect it from humidity as humidity is the major culprit in it growing mold and becoming less effective. Once stored in an airtight container, you should place it in a cool and dark place because we know light plays a huge role in hastening the degradation of cannabis and we want to slow down that process.

Advantages of Using a Pre-roll

There is definitely an up-side to using a pre-roll and below we list how you benefit from choosing it as your preference.

It is time saving. You avoid all the hassle that comes with having to roll your own blunt, plus the mess associated with the whole rolling process. You don’t have to grind, measure the amount, learn the skill that is necessary to roll a joint which will at most times not be a proper one, all you need to do is have your lighter and be ready to have a relaxing good time.

It is affordable. When you’re new to this, the options are endless and you are not sure about what you want either. It would be unwise to invest in any accessory so as to get to understand your preferences and tolerances. A pre-roll is an inexpensive way to test the waters and determine what you’re really into.

It is portable. Convenient to carry everywhere that you may need to go. When you look at pipes or bongs, firstly, they’re very noticeable if you’re aiming for discretion and they are quite challenging to take everywhere. Most are made from glass as that is a preferred material in this industry and thinking about that fragility makes it stressful for you as the owner. A pre-roll doesn’t require you to have any thoughts about it when it’s time to travel, you simply put it in your pocket and you’re good to go.

Consistency is assured. If you’ve selected a particular strain of a pre-roll and you purchase that brand more than once, you are certain about what you’re getting from it. You get the similar amount of cannabis that you had interacted with and you know how your body will respond to it. When you roll it at home, you might roll up too much this time, too little next time, too tight, too loose, you are never sure that there is ever a similarity between the blunts. This does not work out for you in the long run because you’ll never get to truly figure out what works for you.

Makes it easy to try out different strains. Because you are not burdened with the responsibility of purchasing cannabis in bulk so that you can proceed to make your own blunts at home, you get the flexibility to try out different strains within relatively short periods of time. You’re not stuck with a huge amount of a specific cannabis strain that may have not worked out well for you and that you suddenly have no idea what to do with.

Disadvantages of Using a Pre-roll

Anything that has a good side must come coupled with a bad side. In this regard, we look at the downside of using a pre-roll.

It requires you to invest in storage. Humidity is an enemy to pre-rolls. To ensure that you maintain the quality and effectiveness, there is a need to purchase an airtight container that you will be placing it in. This may be an unanticipated additional cost that you had not budgeted for but that would be necessary to secure a great smoking experience for you.

Lack of quality ingredients. While the practice of filling up pre-rolls is being phased out, it goes without saying that there may be a few producers that may not be reading the market clearly and you may be unfortunate to purchase a low quality product. It is not common, but in the case that you do, that shouldn’t decrease your trust in a pre-roll.

The Ultimate Pre-roll Guide

When on the hunt in local dispensaries near me, these are the several types of pre-rolls that I have found to be on display.

The Classic Cone

You’ve probably seen this one. It is the most commonly available, coming in quantities of between 0.5 grams to 1.5 grams. The rolling papers used are known to be organic in nature.

King-Sized Cones

I know you’ve guessed it already. They are the king size version of the classic cones. They can hold up to 1.75 grams of cannabis.


Now blunts are a little different because they get rolled up using a cigar wrap which is compressed tobacco leaf or a compressed hemp leaf.


A spliff has a blend of tobacco and cannabis mixed together in a rolling paper. The ratio bends favorably towards the tobacco side and this causes it to have a zesty effect. A user can choose to have their ratio altered according to their preference. On the face of it, they appear similar to cigarettes and likewise, they come in a pack of 12 like standard cigarettes.


Another name that lets you in on its secret before I could. The wrapping paper is made out of gold-leaf, something new and definitely different. There has not been extensive research that has been done on the effects of inhaling a wrapper that has gold content on it, so I’ll leave it at that.


This one is a bit of a mouthful. Cannagars is a combination of two words. Cannabis and Cigars. They are known to have migrated from Thailand and they use only premium blooms. One would normally have about 4 to 8 grams of cannabis which would then be rolled using leaves from cannabis plants which would be bound by a rosin to ensure that everything stayed put. The end product is a particularly strong pre-roll that one is advised to consume over a number of days or better yet, call up a group of friends and indulge in it together. From the reviews, I hear that it’s worth a shot.


These are potent pre-rolls, packed up on THC concentrated trichomes. When you know the effects that THC has, then you know that these are not the ones to play around with.

Oil Joints

These pre-rolls have their potency increased by lacing the inner lining of the warp with cannabis oil.

Where to Buy Pre-rolls

If this article has turned you into a believer, it seeks to go all the way and ensure that you know which brands of pre-rolls are the best. The internet has made life so much more convenient, that all that is needed of you is to type out these brands on your search engine and you’ll be able to shop to your fill. Alternatively if you’re more of a feel person, there are addresses of physical locations provided where you could walk into a dispensary on any day and get your pre-rolls.

Cheef Botanicals

A prominent brand, it has an offering of up to 16 strains, an indication that you’ll probably get what you’re looking for without struggling too much. They have considered both seasoned and new entrants and have low and high concentrated joints. There are some favorites that are their best selling and it would be wise to start from there because they must be loved for a reason.

Notable ones include Super-silver Haze, Special Sauce, Sour Lifter and Skywalker OG.

CBD American Shaman

This brand delivers on quality, safe and 100% organic pre-rolls for humans and while at it, they also made a few other CBD products for pets. Their rolls have high potency and some of their top selling strains are Pineapple, Cherry Wine, Bubba Kush and Moon Rocket.


Like its predecessors, expect premium pre-rolls that are aesthetically pleasing and feel like a breath of fresh air from how different they look. Their rolls contain full spectrum CBD and they also provide different concentrations for different tolerances.

On this website, you should be on the lookout for Sour Space Candy, Lifter and Hawaiian Haze.


Lakegrade is loud and proud about its choice to cultivate outdoor full spectrum cannabis. Their pre-rolls come with a euphoric effect. They may not have a wide range of selection to choose from, but they have strains that have kept people talking. One of their most celebrated pre-roll strains is the Lemon Sour Diesel, and they also have other notable mentions such as Budzilla and Whitezilla.


From this small selection of brands that have been highlighted here, it’s easy to see that producers are taking the business of pre-rolls very seriously. Today, they are not being looked at as leftover produce that needs to be channeled somewhere to make a little bit of money, but as a strong contender for a brand to create its name in a sea of CBD products. As you embark on your journey may this article serve you diligently and help you get to your highest.