Friday, Sep 29, 2023

Top 4 Considerations for Selecting a Storage Facility

Selecting a storage facility for your belongings isn’t always simple. Whether your items will be in storage long-term or briefly, you want to make sure you choose a quality facility. There are a few things to consider when making your choice.


If you’re searching for a public storage facility Petaluma, make sure you find an appropriately sized unit. Websites give you dimensions and an approximation of how many rooms worth of items will fit. However, you will need a larger unit if you have several large or unstackable items. Consider if you will need to access boxes while in storage. A small unit could leave your things packed in too tightly to reach.


You should verify that the accessibility of the self storage meets your needs. Some facilities allow around-the-clock access, while others have set hours of operation. Check what the layout of the facility is. If you have many large items, you may desire outdoor access. Bringing certain items into a building, down staircases, or into elevators can be impractical.


Different storage lockers have diverse amenities. If you are storing sensitive or valuable belongings, you should consider a temperature-controlled unit. It’s important to look at security features. Does the facility have multiple cameras or a guard? Some units will offer extras like electrical outlets and lights.


Shop around to find a great unit for the best price. Generally, the larger the unit and the more amenities, the higher the monthly cost. However, you may find that similar facilities still have vast price differences. Do not be afraid to ask about special rates. Long-term storage sometimes has a lower monthly cost.

No matter why you need a storage unit, make sure to select a high-quality facility. Comparing size, accessibility, amenities, and pricing will help with your decision.