Friday, Jun 2, 2023

Tips On Choosing The Right Furniture Upholstery Like A Pro

Buying a new sofa or chair can be quite tricky. Never rely on the reputation of the store for your furniture upholstery. When it comes to furniture upholstery fabrics, most stores have a grading system. And this is what determines the longevity as well as the price of your furniture. For example, the same model sofa can range from $1,000 to $5,000 based on the furniture upholstery fabric you choose.

Even some of the most reputable furniture stores can sell your furniture that won’t last for longer periods of time because of the quality of the furniture upholstery. So, if you don’t want to face these troubles, choose durable furniture upholstery right away. With the following tips, you can choose the right upholstery.

  1. Choose Furniture Upholstery Fabric Based On The Double Rubs

Before buying furniture upholstery fabric, ask the salesperson at the furniture store if is for medium, light, or heavy use. If your lifestyle is very active and you have pets and kids in the house, you can opt for heavy-use fabric.

The sustainability and durability of the furniture upholstery can also be measured in double rubs. Residential grade fabrics are usually rated at 10,000 to 25,000 double-rubs while commercial grade fabrics are usually between 100,000 to 250,000 double-rubs. Any fabric between 8,000 to 10,000 double rubs is not designed for heavy use.

Medium-use fabric is somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 double rubs and this can be used for a family room couch. If you want a highly durable furniture upholstery fabric to resist everyday wear and tear, consider a fabric that is over 15,000 double rubs.

  1. Choose The Right Color

Another factor to consider when buying furniture upholstery is to opt for the right color. This is what can transform a boring traditional sofa into a fashion statement. Denim, dark blue, or navy furniture upholstery fabrics are ideal for the beach house. If you want to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look, opt for solid colors and patterns. However, going for dark colors can be beneficial if you have kids and pets in the house.

  1. Pattern

Many people do not opt for bold patterns for furniture upholstery fabric. However, they can enhance your overall interior. The current trends include geometric, nomad, and ethnic patterns.

No matter what pattern you choose, make sure the shape of your piece of furniture does not conflict with it. For example, a rounded piece will look better if you choose a floral pattern. A sofa with straight lines will look great with a geometric pattern. So, always go for the right pattern.

Furniture is the most significant investment in any home. Therefore, opting for the right furniture upholstery fabric could be beneficial in the long run. Choose the one that meets your requirements and budget otherwise you can never make your interior look great. There’s nothing to do. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and you can get your dream upholstery fabric!