Friday, Jun 21, 2024

Red Dot Optic Mounts – What You Should Know

Whether you’re considering adding an optic to your rifle or already have one, it’s essential to understand what you should look for in a good mount. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great options. This article will walk you through some of the best choices.

Attero Arms

Whether you’re putting a micro red dot on your rifle or want to replace your factory front sight, the Attero Arms red dot optic mounts have you covered. These optic-specific mounts are a great alternative to traditional rifles, which can be too cumbersome for the modern shooter.

The Attero Arms Optic mount system is a versatile optic mount solution, compatible with most AK47 pattern rifles. The hooded Alpha mount is a direct replacement for the factory rear sight leaf and will mount a variety of red dot sights. Additionally, the PRO model has a lens protector.

The Rail Mount is a great way to zero in at 300 meters or more. The six-slot Picatinny rail is designed to fit most electronic sights. The optic-specific mount is also available, which includes a Solar Panel on the top for powering your optic.

RS Regulate

RS Regulate is one of the most popular AK mounting solutions. They manufacture two-piece mounts designed to work with the side rails on AKs. The cliffs are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and use high-strength titanium alloy center boltbracesmounts that are fully adjustable for sight centering.

The Regulate mounts are designed for lightweight, low-profile use. They allow for entire scopes with a proper cheek weld. The mounting system is adjustable, allowing for appropriate sight centering. They are available for various side rails, including PSL, M10, Yugo style, and Century Arms proprietary rails.


SpecterDR red optic mounts are designed to offer a quick and easy method of mounting a red dot. The mountain is adjustable for elevation and azimuth. It also includes a set of locking levers to secure the scope of the rail. In addition, it is shock resistant and is built to ELIANA(r) specifications.

The SpecterDR is designed for security professionals. It features a dual field of view, providing ultra-wide viewing angles. In addition, it offers unmatched low-light performance. It is also shock resistant and features a ranged NSN reticle for accurate engagement to 800 meters.

It also features an integrated LED which illuminates the center of the crosshair. It also features a dual-thickness ballistic crosshair for fast target acquisition. It also boasts a red dot and the other usual suspects.

Prism optics

Choosing a magnified prism scope depends on the environment and the reticle. An MRDS mounted on the prism scope provides the same advantages as a red dot sight. However, a prism scope is slightly more challenging to maintain and stabilize.

A prism scope is also known as a holographic diffraction sight. These are larger than a red dot sight but have unique clarity. They are used in conjunction with magnifiers when diopter adjustments are set.

The prism scope has a reticle that is etched directly on the glass. This allows for greater precision. It also enables the range to illuminate the reticle through multiple brightness settings.

A prism scope is also more reliable than a red dot sight. The etched reticle does not lose accuracy when the illumination is turned off. The prism scope also does not require battery power to illuminate the reticle.