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KshanaKshanam Is A Thriller Movie You Can Watch With Family

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KshanaKshanam – A 2021 release

KshanaKshanam is a murder mystery that revolves around the lives of Satya, Preeti and Maya. The Telugu drama was released in February 2021. The cast includes prominent names like Uday Shankar, Raghu Kunche, Ravi Prakash, Shruthi Singh and Koti. The character of Preeti is a debut role played by Jia Sharma. Directed by KarthikMedikonda, the story is set in Vizag city. The thriller impresses with a fresh narrative while the music director Roshan Salur offers preppy and decent background scores.

Satya, the lead protagonist, lives an unhappy life and is introduced to a dating site to get over the monotony. He gets acquainted with Maya and decides to meet up. What follows is a rollercoaster ride for Satya as he finds himself being declared a murder suspect. KshanaKshanam tests your patience with the mystery until the plot twist arrives and doubles up on the entertainment quotient. It desperately seeks to portray the dark facets of married life and extramarital dating through the protagonist’s journey. The movie is a small-budget film that veteran producer Allu Aravind released under the banner of his distribution wing, Geetha Films.

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