Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Improving Your School Building’s Safety

Parents want to know that their kids are okay, safe from pending danger. While accidents are sure to occur on campus, school boards and administration could take measures to mitigate significant hazards and concerns. The following are four ways school building safety could be improved. 

  1. Assess Your Exits

Exits are essential, but they may also be a vulnerability. Understand how people can move about the school, getting in and out. As the adults in charge of a school safety plan, you want to minimize unwanted entrance and prohibit kids from leaving independently.

Note each exit. Put cameras in those areas to monitor movement, and be aware of who is coming and going.

  1. Inspect Your Glass Durability

Unexpected weather could pose a threat to the student body. When thunderstorms pop up, there could be the chance of a tornado, mainly depending on the school’s location. Students should understand where to go for added protection, moving away from windows in particular. However, schools could upgrade the windows with wind resistance glass to reduce the chance of breakage.

In addition, bulletproof glass in the exposed sections could prevent a shooter from harming students. 

  1. Improve Your Fire Safety Measures

Fire code mandates specific devices be installed within the school building, especially fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. Do staff and students know how they are triggered and how to use them if necessary? Are kids aware of where to go in case of fire? Be sure that all technology is up-to-date, supplying premium mitigation measures. In addition, run drills once a month to promote awareness.

  1. Ensure Clear Pathways and Transport

Remind faculty and staff that walkways should remain open to avoid pileups or slowing down an exit. This step could assist with preventing trips and falls.

In addition, all elevators should have regular inspections and improvements. You could look in the Sweets Catalog Fort Worth TX to locate elevator products that make transport better.

Educate away, but also be sure the environment is safe. Review safety procedures, and make changes to secure the area even more.