Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

How To Promote Your Local Organization

If you have a local business, organization, or sports team, you’re probably looking for ways to bring them some positive attention. If you’re focusing on running your business and don’t have the time or budget for a large marketing or promotion campaign, there’s good news! There are plenty of low-cost, low-effort ways to spread the word.

Custom Tshirts 

Wearing a shirt, sweater, or hoodie with your organization’s name and logo is a great way to call attention to whatever you’re promoting. Local or online shirt printing Sacramento CA often offers lower rates for bulk orders, so everyone on the team can wear the image with pride.

Bumper Stickers

A small but eye-catching bumper sticker on your personal or company vehicle shows your organization’s name and logo to everyone who drives or walks by. You’ll be able to turn your vehicle into a traveling advertisement for barely any money and even less time.

Business Cards

Local and online printing services can print business cards in bulk, but you can even print them yourself with a good-quality printer and card stock. Ask local businesses and organizations if you can leave some cards on their counter. If they aren’t a direct competitor, they’ll usually say yes.

Bulleten Board Flyers

Convenience stores and shopping centers often have boards near restrooms and setting areas where local businesses, teams, and organizations can post flyers. Check with a member of management before doing so, though. Some places have to approve the ad and some may even charge a small fee for the space.

You can use royalty-free clipart and fonts to design your own logo, find a member of your team who is good at art to kame on, ask your printing company if they offer design services, or outsource to a freelancer on a hub site like Fiverr.