Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

GBTI Is a Driving Economic Force in Guyana

Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) has emerged as the leading financial institution in Guyana. Its preeminence mirrors the economic rebirth of the nation. Founded in 1987, just prior to the economic recovery program that helped privatize much of Guyana’s business community, the bank now has a dozen branches across the country and is a full-service institution in every respect. As a demonstration of the bank’s concern and also its reach, it recently spearheaded a benevolent drive to raise funds for victims of the two volcanic eruptions on the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in April, 2021. Through cooperative efforts, GBTI was able to secure donations in excess of $3,440,000, funds that the bank delivered to Prime Minister Mark Philips. Such outreach is typical of the bank through its Disaster Relief Fund.

The Board of Directors and Employees

GBTI is led by a 10 member Board of Directors, chaired by the Honorable Robin Stoby. The Board is an expression of the diversity of the Guyana community. Operations are guided by Mr. James Foster, who recently assumed the position of acting Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Foster is a Guyanese native who brings with him an extensive resume of banking and business experience. Continuing to lead the Board of Directors is Executive Director Richard Isava. The directors guide the largest banking interest in Guyana with more than 600 employees, headed by a highly experienced and motivated team of managers. Like the directors, GBTI workers are equally community-minded, participating in blood drives and working with the Georgetown Rotary Club to supply ECG machines to the Georgetown Public Hospital. GBTI also has a yearly award presentation called the Annual Early Savers Account Programme. It makes cash awards to young people as an incentive to learn the importance of saving at an early age. In 2020, 13 Guyanese young people received these awards from the bank.

Personal Banking With GBTI

The individual spirit of the GBTI is revealed in its personal banking products and services:

  • Savings and checking accounts
  • Personal and home loans
  • Digital banking
  • Credit cards
  • Bonding
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • International trade

In addition to the full range of in-person and online banking, GBTI also provides personal financial tools such as a Budget Planner and a Mortgage Calculator.

Commercial Banking With GBTI

Also filing the role of a business bank, GBTI has made significant inroads as a funder and particularly as a supporter of new corporate endeavors. Helping entrepreneurs get started is written into the DNA of the bank. Distinct business loans are tailored for startups in certain specific industries such as loans to producers of raw minerals and materials for exports. Agri loans are established for those raising stocks such as fish, shrimp, poultry, cattle, and pork as well as sugar cane and exportable crops. In keeping with current global concerns, GBTI also features a full range of green loans, including loans for wind and solar products, low carbon enterprises, hybrid vehicles and environmentally friendly appliances.

GBTI is a partner and leader in every aspect of the Guyanese community.