Thursday, Dec 7, 2023


With diverse educational facilities, many students are tempted to study in the top universities in uae. But are not sure how to select the right UAE university? Here in this article, we have mentioned some important things to consider before choosing any university in the UAE.

  • Check if the university is accredited and recognized: Always remember to check if the particular university is accredited and recognized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHSER) or not. Because if you desire to work in the government sector of UAE then you must have a degree from the university accredited from MOHSER. You can visit the official website of the particular university to check for accreditation and recognition.
  • Consider the location and size of the campus: Sometimes you may choose a university without considering its location and end up selecting the one which is located far away from your rented apartment which further adds up transportation expenses. Do visit your dream university to check the size of the campus and if there is an accommodation facility to avoid transportation costs. Make sure that the rooms of the hostel or dorm are clean and are equipped with basic utilities.
  • Check the year of foundation: It is believed that the longer is the duration of the establishment of the UAE University, the better will be the quality of provided education. There will be newly established universities that offer a wide range of courses and facilities but, it is always better to choose a university having years of experience. Such universities have a reputed name in the education and job sector. And the faculty here also have experience in providing education using different approaches and methodologies.
  • Variety of courses offered and faculty members: Before selecting any specific university do consider checking the range of courses offered by the university and if it offers the program you want to study. There is a possibility that the university might not provide your dream course or module in a particular semester. Therefore, ask the appropriate questions to get the necessary information. Along with the course also check if the faculty members teaching the particular course are professional and experienced. Make sure to go through their academic background.
  • Analyze the digital infrastructure of the university: In the current pandemic scenario, online classes have become an integral part of life. Therefore, a student must analyze the digital infrastructure of the universities before selecting any one of them. Check if the university is equipped with the necessary infrastructure needed to deliver online learning to the students. Before taking admission go through the website of a university or talk to the university’s counselor to know if the university is agile enough to offer the course in a blended, online, and face-to-face mode.
  • Look for scholarships and internships curriculum: With the ever-rising education fee, it has become challenging for the students belonging to the middle class to get admission in top-ranked universities. To reduce financial stress it is better to opt for the university providing decent scholarships. Also, nowadays, multinational companies offer jobs to candidates having the experience of several internships. Make sure to look if the particular university in UAE is acquainted with placements and internships cell or not. Check the list of companies that are collaborating with the university.


Many students want to study in the top-notch universities of the UAE but when it comes to the selection of the right university they get puzzled. The above-given article will guide you to choose the UAE’s university that provides qualitative interior designing courses.