Monday, Sep 25, 2023

Don’t Make These Mistakes After a Car Accident

Getting into an accident can be scary, and when you’re in a stressful environment, it can be hard to know what to do if you haven’t planned it out in your mind ahead of time. Unfortunately, many people do the wrong things, which can prevent victims from getting the personal injury settlement they deserve. Consider the top mistakes people make after getting into a car accident.

  1. Assume You Are Fine

After an accident, your adrenaline is racing, so it can be difficult to tell how serious your injuries are. Sometimes it takes a day or two following an accident for people to feel stiffness or soreness. Even severe injuries may not present themselves until the adrenaline and shock die down. Don’t hesitate to be seen by medical professionals following the accident, even if you’re not sure how much you’re hurting. Paramedics or doctors may be able to see something right away that you may not notice until you’re in excruciating pain a few days later. If you are injured or feel pain days later, don’t delay in contacting car accident lawyers in Columbia MD for help. 

  1. Downplay Your Injuries 

Another problem is that some accident victims downplay their injuries because they don’t want others to realize how much they hurt. If you play down your injuries to the reporting police officer, doctor or insurance company, you could be ruining your personal injury claim

  1. Say You Are OK

Following an accident, the reporting officer will ask you how you’re feeling. You may even get a chance to talk to paramedics. Do not tell these professionals that you are OK. Even if you feel OK, don’t tell anyone that because you won’t know for a few days. Instead, just tell them that you don’t need anyone to call an ambulance. This statement doesn’t declare your health status, and it won’t negatively impact your personal injury claim like saying you feel OK likely will.