Sunday, Jun 4, 2023

Different Type Of Arts All Around The World.

There are two different stylesof art – Western and Eastern styles that we have been seeing over the years. Going deep into theunderstanding of different styles of painting is quite exciting and will give you a better idea of the myriad expression of art, all around the world.

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Art styles in the western part

Nowadays the western style is seen more. Modernism, abstract painting, impressionism and a few lesser-known art forms

  • Modernism

Modernism art is considered as the art produced during the period between 1860 to 1970. The artist has a radical way of thinking in the modern-day and age. Without boundaries set by any traditional method holding their creative expression back.

  • Impressionism

This art form originated in Paris in the late 19th century. Few features include usage of common objects, thin brush strokes, and unusual angles.

  • Abstract art

The art does not try to represent an accurate picture of a visual reality, but uses different shapes, colors, or gesture marks to get its effect. It is a genuine product of radical stock.

  • Cubism

It is an art created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It applies geometrical shapes in the depiction of human and other forms. It is another form of abstract art.

The eastern style of art

Chinese style

Chinese art is told to be one of the oldest forms of artistic tradition, which also uses calligraphy as a part of its technique. Artists used colored ink to paint on paper or silk. Oil was not used to paint in the Chinese art.

The Japanese style of art

The Japanese style painting with the use of black oil alone is amazing. The inspiration for Japanese style art comes from the Chinese, Eastern and Western.

The Indian style of art

Having the diverse culture in this country, the art produced here is diverse too. From Miniature Mughal era paintings to the classical style of the Tanjore panting Indian art is an epitome of beauty and class.

  • Miniature Mughal paintings

The lifestyle of the king and prince was depicted in the Mughal miniature paintings. The artist focused and showed every small detail of the beauty.

  • Rajput paintings

The Rajput kingdom courts had their own distinct painting style. This Rajput painting has mainly themes of devotion, romance, heroism and courtly life.

  • Tanjore paintings

Tanjore paintings are said to be very important in the south Indians because oftheir usage of rich color schemes.

  • Madhubani style

The Madhubani style is traditionally created artwork by women from Bihar, Mithali region. The ancient tradition of art n walls called Bhitti Chitra brought the emergence of the Madhubani art form.

Paintings are a way to express yourself, tell stories, and can be used as décor too. Every part of this world has got their own unique style of artistries. There are so many more to know things to know about from different art work around the world.