Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Air Compressors Bring Accessibility in Construction Work

You may be interested in learning about tools used in the construction industry powered by energy produced from the compression of air known as pneumatic tools. Using air compressors in demolition, construction, and maintenance of buildings, structures, and utilities comes in handy because you may need to do without electricity to power your tools and equipment. If you would like to learn about air compressors and pneumatic construction tools, continue reading.

Air Compressors

An air compressor is a device that transfers energy by inputting air, filtering and compressing the air, and outputting it as pressured air which is then used to power pneumatic tools and equipment. Air compressor products Jacksonville FL, carry various air compressors and parts.

Air compressors are portable, versatile, come in various types and configurations, remain cool, and may be used across industries. A popular air compressor used in the construction industry is the rotary screw compressor. An air vacuum is created by the continuous turning of two screws in opposite directions inside a compressor chamber, resulting in the development of pressurized air, which then exits and travels from the air compressor to the tool via a hose.

Pneumatic Tools in Construction

Pneumatic tools used in construction may include jackhammers, reversible air drills, reciprocal air saws, air impact wrenches, air staple guns, air nail guns, air grinders, air sanders, hoists, cranes, shovels, spades, and air lances.

There are pneumatic jackhammers that break asphalt and concrete. Reversible air drills function forward and backward and drill holes. Reciprocal air saws with interchangeable blades may be used to cut through steel, metal, fiberglass, wood, and plastic.

Air impact wrenches may be used forward and reverse to tighten and loosen bolts. Air staple guns may be used for repetitive stapling. Air nail guns may be used for repetitive nailing. Air grinders with exchangeable discs may grind, sculpt, and cut metal, concrete, tile, masonry, and wood and remove rust, paint, and excess mortar. Air sanders attach to sandpaper and may remove surface material and smoothen.

Pneumatic hoists lift and lower loads. Lifting, lowering, and suspending loads may be done with pneumatic cranes. Pneumatic shovels break the ground and dig. Pneumatic spades cut through roots and dirt and may be used to make trenches. And air lances may be used for carefully digging around utilities.

Pneumatic tools may be portable, low maintenance, lighter weighing tools that make work more accessible than their traditional counterparts.