Saturday, Apr 20, 2024

A Complete Guide To Start Your Shop On Shopee

The shop has become the new trend. People have started building their sites, selling all on their own. This not only gives them income but also confidence. First, let’s see what Shopee is and how to open a shop on the Shopee platform.

What is Shopee?

Shopee is an e-commerce platform based in Singapore. The main purpose of the Shoppe is to deliver its customers fast and easy online shopping. The shop has both a website and application. Both the website and application have logic support with a strong payment feature.

Now comes the most important part of Shopee. An e-commerce site has become common since Amazon has taken the first place. But selling on these e-commerce platforms is a new trend. Shopee is one such platform allowing individuals to sell and make money from it. Let’s see how to open a shop in Shopee platform (เปิดร้าน shopee, which is the term in Thai) and make money from it.

Steps To Starting Your Shop On Shopee

  • To have your shop, you need to sign up for the seller account on Shopee.             
  • You need not pay anything for registration as the registration in Shopee is free of cost.    
  • After signup, move to my shopping settings and fill up the required details to complete your setting up process.          
  • You can add your products to your shop on Shopee.

How To Add Products In Your Shop On Shopee

  • It’s as simple as changing your profile picture on Instagram.       
  • Go to the “My page” and “My Shop”.          
  • With the help of the “Add Product” option on your page, you can add new products. 
  • Select the “Add Product” option and add your products.  
  • You can add up to 9 images of your products.        
  • After adding the images, fill in the required details like product description, available stock size, shipping fee, and delivery time.      

Once you are done with all of these, start your earnings right always.

How to boost your sales on shopee?

You already have a shop and products but aren’t receiving any sales and orders? Here’s a quick guide for you,

  1. Join campaigns available on Shopee to boost your sales and earn income. In the marketing center of your account, you can find various campaigns. These campaigns can help you attract sales.
  2. Adding more collections with the help of picks features in your shop can bring you sales.
  3. Discounted items attract more customers. Hence, use the flash sale option in Shopee and give a discount to attract audiences.          
  4. Vouchers are the easiest and efficient way to attract customers. Try adding vouchers to have an increase in your sales. 

So, this is the guide to set-up, sell and increase your sales on Shopee. Happy earnings folks!