Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

4 Restaurants You Should Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Welcome! Kuala Lumpur not only has lots of tourist attractions to offer but also the top-notch restaurants letting you taste the unique regional cuisines without emptying your pocket. Moreover, in the recent times, the hospitality industry has evolved massively made way for many restaurants to treat people’s taste buds to different cuisines. Before, you start exploring the city for quality food, it is better to gather useful knowledge about the city’s culinary scene for making your vacation memorable.

Right from the fast-food to cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, Malay, you find everything, so gear-up to enjoy quality and tasty foods throughout your trip. Furthermore, it is the city of both national and international food outlets; hence, everyone can try food of his/her own choice. Therefore, you should plan your food hunting experience of Kuala Lumpur and make your trip ideal in this summer. In order to help you further, this blog has rounded-up the best restaurants to consider while exploring the city.

  • The Tarik Place

Obviously, you want to explore the local cuisine first and for that, visiting this awesome place is must that is also known as the affordable dining out option for both locals and foreigners. Though, its menu has wide range of delicious dishes but the prominent one are tossed roti Canai, Nasi Lemak and the traditional friend rice. Furthermore the ambience is perfect and both you can enjoy lunch and dinner, so you should visit it at the time that suits you.  Yes, with visiting different dining spots, you can also order food online through Airasia Food but make sure that you grab Airasia Food voucher code for availing discounts.

  • Gwaku

It is another remarkable dining spot in Kuala Lumpur that is the favourite choice of many people including foreign tourists and yes, it also fixes into your budget easily, so never skip it out. This awesome restaurant serves a massive crowd at the time of lunch with the different menu daily. Moreover, the inside-setting of this spot is superb making your meal the lavish one without affecting your limited budget. You should consider tying roast-chicken leg along with tasty potatoes, peas and carrots turning it out into the ideal meal keeping you energized all day.

  • Built Custom Burgers

By its name, you can easily find that it offers fast-food and the trait enabling it to make way to this list is its unique taste that everyone loves, so you should also try it out. Furthermore, you can also opt for the customized burger, so avail a chance of making massive burger of your own choice with massive patty, sauce, cheese, topping and buns’ options. Yes, it also falls into the budget of everyone and it increases its popularity in the town.

  • Warisan Nasi Kukus

It is also the awesome place to hit local dishes and enhance your food-experience during your trip to this amazing city and the speciality of this spot is the rice grains coupled with the fried chicken and gulai. Other than steamed rice, you also find other variations too such as santan rice, brown rice and pandan rice, so experience the traditional food in the hustle and bustle of the city.