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4 Delicious and Affordable Culinary in Yogyakarta

If you visit the city of Yogyakarta, you can also enjoy the city’s specialties. Yogyakarta culinary never ceases to attract tourists because apart from being offered at an affordable price, the taste and appearance are also no less delicious than typical food from other regions. A slightly savory-sweet taste always becomes a characteristic in almost all traditional Yogyakarta dishes. Below are culinary tour ideas that you can do while in Yogyakarta.

  1. Gudeg Wijilan and Barek

Yogyakarta or commonly known as Jogja is known as Gudeg City. Therefore, you will not finish if you visit Jogja if you don’t taste the gudeg culinary dish. Gudeg is a typical Jogja food from young jackfruit cooked in a clay jug for hours.

Did you know the red color in gudeg is not from artificial dyes but from natural dyes from teak leaves which are the base when the jackfruit and its accompaniments are cooked on a wood stove. Gudeg is usually eaten with tofu, tempeh, bacem, krecek fried chili sauce, and areh sauce, giving it a savory and delicious taste.

However, the Wijilan and Barek areas are the most famous as the gudeg centers of Jogja. Gudeg Wijilan and Barek are the culinary attractions in Jogja that you must visit while on vacation in Yogyakarta.

  1. Joss Lik Man Coffee Angkringan

Some say you haven’t been to Jogja if you haven’t enjoyed nasi kucing plus kopi joss at the angkringan on the edge of the Lek or Lik Man rail. Cat rice is not rice for cats, you know, but rice with a small portion with tempeh orek and anchovy sauce. The complement can be various satays and fried foods.

Another impressive thing about Jogja’s most famous angkringan, you must try Kopi Joss, which is hot coffee with hot charcoal. Don’t worry, and it’s not dangerous because the charcoal is taken directly from the furnace, which must have made the charcoal sterile.

The way of presenting this coffee is unique because the coffee will be mixed with charcoal that is still red hot. This ‘jooossss’ sound is what makes it called Kopi Joss. In addition, joss coffee has a unique taste that other coffees don’t have.

It is said that charcoal dipped in coffee will neutralize the caffeine, so this coffee is safe for your digestion. Location and address Angkringan Lik Man are located around the Tugu Jogja Station Area. Angkringan Lik Man is one of the culinary tourism spots in Jogja that must be visited because besides the taste is good, and the price is also relatively cheap and affordable.

  1. Gudeg Manggar Manding

Still about gudeg, the following culinary tourist spot in Jogja that must be visited is Gudeg Manggar Manding. Maybe for most people, gudeg is gudeg. However, there are four different types of gudeg; wet gudeg, dry gudeg, mercon gudeg, and manggar gudeg. Wet gudeg is served with a delicious coconut milk sauce and is much sought after for the breakfast menu.

Dried gudeg is cooked for a long time until the gravy dries up and is browner in color. It tastes sweeter too. This type of gudeg can last up to 24 hours or even more if it is put in the refrigerator so that many people hunt it as souvenirs. Usually, the seller packs it in cardboard, besek (cardboard made of woven bamboo), or clay kendil.

Besides gudeg young jackfruit, Jogja also has gudeg manggar. Manggar is the name for  coconut flower that produces its delicious sensation in this culinary dish. The flowers are crunchy while the stems at first glance taste like oyster mushrooms. Unfortunately, the limited supply of mangos makes this culinary increasingly challenging to find. As a result, some sellers were forced to close their stalls and only serve orders.

Young coconut tree flowers are cooked with coconut milk and various spices for hours. Even mangoes that are easily crushed need the patience to make them still feel the texture. Only with great patience can we enjoy a portion of gudeg manggar served with krecek vegetables and tofu bacem.

In contrast to gudeg jackfruit in general, which tastes legit, gudeg manggar manding offers a savory gudeg taste friendly to the tongue. That said, mangos have very good properties because they can radiate the beauty of the audience from within. Therefore, it is not surprising that gudeg manggar became a favorite menu item for royal princesses in ancient times.

  1. Oseng-Oseng Mercon Bu Narti

This super spicy stir-fried gravel also makes people who eat it sweat like they’ve run around the soccer field many times. He said it was spicy. And do you know how many chilies are mixed in one pot of roasted firecrackers? 6 kg of chili, you know. Glaring right?

This food created by Mrs. Narti has now become a culinary specialty of Yogyakarta and founded in 1998 when this country was hit by an economic crisis in order to continue living after the death of her husband. Famous to various cities, attracting every traveler to try. Bu Narti’s Oseng-oseng Mercon stall has become one of the culinary tourism spots in Jogja that must be visited.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spashad and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.