Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

4 careers for people in computer-aided design

Computer-aided design involves creating schematics, plans, and drawings on a computer equipped with specialized software. At one point, this field was referred to as computer-aided drafting and it was performed exclusively by engineers. 

Today, however, computer-aided design is a more balanced blend of science and art. As a result, more artists and graphic designers are receiving the necessary training and looking for jobs in this field. If you have a relevant degree or specialization and are looking for a job in CAD design services, here are some positions to consider. 

  1. Interior Designer

When you think of interior designers, you may think of those who work on a small scale in residential living spaces. However, all sorts of buildings—large as well as small, commercial as well as residential—require a cohesive interior design that balances practical considerations against aesthetics. Be advised that a CAD degree alone may not qualify you to become an interior designer, but a double major, or a major in one and minor in the other, could make you a more attractive candidate

  1. Architectural Technologist

If an architect is a professional who designs a building, an architectural technologist provides technical assistance by preparing models or drawings and conducting research. Because of the specialized skills involved, architectural technologists earn an average of $65,000 per year. 

  1. Urban Planner

Before a city embarks on a large project, such as a new highway, housing complex, park, or recreation facility, it often consults with an urban planner, who makes design recommendations based on geographic data as well as the size and purpose of the project. 

  1. Electrical Engineer

The job of an electrical engineer is to design electrical testing methods and research programs. The goal is to evaluate electrical applications, components, products, and systems for safety and efficacy. 

A degree in computer-aided design, as well as practical experience in the field, could qualify you for these and many other lucrative careers.