Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

2 Major Problems Of Leaks

Having a home, business or property you love is a major investment and opportunity. You build equity and credit when you own something and experience major benefits as an owner. However, ownership also comes with a lot of responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. Having foundation, siding or structural problems can lead to major financial investments if problems are caught too late. Having reliable leak detection Troy OH is also vital because a small leak could lead to large problems if not addressed. Here are two detrimental effects of a leak. 

  1. Mold and Mildew Growth

When water seeps into an area and stays there for an extended period of time, mold grows. A leak that’s undetected will ultimately lead to standing water you have no idea about which will end up growing mold that can seep into your lungs. As the mold festers and grows, it can get into your air-filtration systems and start spreading to other areas of your property. Inhaling mold and mildew can also have major health complications if not addressed. 

  1. Fire Hazards

A leak should put out a fire, right? Well, not exactly. Undetected leaks can actually lead to electrical shortages and sparks which start fires and explosions. The water that comes from an undetected leak isn’t enough to extinguish a fire either. The water would just cause an electrical wire to short circuit and burst into flames. If you end up discovering a leak near any wiring, you should shut off your electricity and have a professional deal with figuring out the issue in the safest way possible. 

Any property owner wants to keep their residence in good shape for themselves and future owners if they decide to sell. While certain issues can be easily addressed, hidden problems can do a lot of damage. Staying aware and alert is essential for any property owner.