Thursday, Dec 7, 2023

Trendy Footwear that should be on your list for this rainy season!

Maharashtra saw its first rain last evening, and we can’t keep calm. It is that season when everybody needs to get out and just enjoy the downpours. So we, as a whole, prepare to slip into our rainy shoes. Rainy shoes must be tough, waterproof and even shield from bacterial and parasitic contaminations that the rains bring. A decent pair of rainy shoes won’t need much cleaning, but the significant part here is their appearance. This is why choosing the right footwear is significant during monsoon. 

There are various waterproof rainy shoes to choose from, from affordable to high priced, light to dark, open to close, washable to not washable, and so much more. 

The rainy season accompanies a ton of stuff – dull sky tones, trafficked roads, over-streaming drains, and so on. So regarding choosing your OOTD, all of the above factors should be considered. You sure don’t want your plans ruined or your footwear is worn down in the rain! So which takes us to the query – what to wear during the rains?

The two – shoes and sandals are basic footwear. Each person has a couple each and wears it frequently, based upon the event. Shoes are a little more superior in a man’s life since they define good taste and address the nature of smartness—men who name themselves fashionable value shoes a lot. Then again, for men who wear sandals or walkers, it seems that they love the way it feels and looks on their feet. Therefore, a couple of each is a must-have in your wardrobe. 

Let us have a look at some trendy rainy shoes you must possess this rainy season!

High ankle canvas

One can undoubtedly display their day look amid the rains by putting on high ankled canvas shoes. Pair up the shoes with high-waisted shorts or three-fourths to pull off the day look. High ankle shoes will also give you keg support if at all you accidentally slip in the rain due to the wet roads. On the other hand, they are also very comfortable to walk in and easy to wash too. It might seem too much for the rainy season, but wearing these will pull off your style well!

Rubber Soled Sandals

The go-to material to be worn during the rainy season is rubber. Rubber is waterproof, easy to wash, easy to care for and looks good too. Moreover, rainy shoes made of rubber will give you a firm hold while you are going across the streets in the rains and will likewise not soak water, providing comfort to your feet. Moreover, you can jump into a puddle of muddy water with the rubber sandals or shoes on and still not slip or feel irritated because of the water and neither carry any mud stains at home!

Waterproof Boots

You can also select rainy shoes/boots that are not difficult to wear, light, and keep your feet clean. They will keep your feet protected and soil-free and furthermore add classiness to your look. It is ideal to settle on waterproof footwear, which is flexible and multipurpose as they are not difficult to wash as well as light and sturdy.

Flip-flops / Sliders

Rainstorms could be the perfect season to set out in those floral or minimal sets of flip-flops. The most fantastic aspect of wearing flip-flops is that you can walk easily without slipping on wet floors. Flip flops also keep your feet open to avoid any water clogging due to the footwear. They are also easy to wear and remove and clean and comfortable as well.

This was our list of trendy Footwear for the rainy season. Does our list match, or do you have more ideas? If yes, send them through!